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Since my life started on earth, I've felt coziness.
You gave me your Infinite joy, vigor, and gladness
You surrender everything and raise your eagerness.
Everything infers that will ruin me of the richness.

Lifespan veils birth, growth, and fade,
live in realm of light and shade.
Who are you? Who am I? mom!
Are we the far-off orb charm?

A brilliant, wide rainbow bent over a stone in the creek.
A jealous breeze carries the suppressed echo from the caves.
White blossoms inspire the soul when it begins to feel bleak.
Purple flowers draw in a fix and shatter into repair waves.

We are experiencing timidity.
Respect blended in with disparity.
What's more, contest once in a while magnify.
We can't once again just lay.

A warm, cheerful grin

A gesture of concurrence

Some souls are rainbow
just by being up, they help
make our life vibrant.

All this global speech that once lauded your greatness has vanished.
My lips are crying today because of my misdeeds.
The harvest was completely washed away in the high winds.
Diseases and sicknesses, with fire, threaten scavengers.

Gracious guardians are solely on me.
God protects me; no need to fright.
And though my eyes are unable to see,
Gracious guardians are solely on me.

Sustain your strive; nobody will ignore them entirely.
Your life will have a whole hot tune if you're brave.
When things turn out badly, we might be in a fury.
But, yielding is not for you even in your loud lake wave.

Rust scuttle packed full

with grandfather ghostly form.

Dreading is pointless once a glorious light slithers our sight.
Vanishing years of yearning, a pure heart laden with optimism.
Gleaming soul with a bright angel at the crown of his right.
Fading vivid hearts, As you clean tears in mysticism.

Every state is a verse, and America is a poem.

Can we still seek a ray of hope in the middle of vast gloom?
This burden of anguish we bear is a sea we must inflame.

Planning requires grit and devotion to succeed,
Does triumph make you shiver down your spine?
Propelling, freed

Flow with the stream, merging to the river gone awry.
The vivid fantasy I'm invested in thwarting rhymes.
The woodland, as foreseen, had no limit to the sky.
Allow for beautiful breathing; I miss parts of my times.

I'm that my words and pen can't express my weakness.
Nobody could have foreseen if I felt such happiness.
My bald secret is now included in my poetic liveness.
I'm at a loss for words to define my soulfulness.

halcyon, luxurious
elating, inspiring, cheering
feasts, beaches, rustle, holistic skills

Sunset evolves into a praise sight of holiness.
Above everything, love elevates the sublime.
Serenity would ensure our abiding happiness.
And into infinity, we play and adoringly rhyme.

I'm aware of everyone's faults and downsides.
They will tear me since my life is now a façade.
I was fully immersed in this level of self-love.
Philanthropy is tied to being aware and sensitive.

Shade of green colors.

Paint the incline of the slope.

A solid breeze blows.

Leaving no boulder unturned

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Endless Adoration

Since my life started on earth, I've felt coziness.
You gave me your Infinite joy, vigor, and gladness
You surrender everything and raise your eagerness.
Everything infers that will ruin me of the richness.

Amid day and night, You pour me with your tenderness
My label gathers you with prompt expeditiousness.
At the point when you embrace me, I will fix my bitterness.
My spirit will limitless hold your adoration and kindness.

Your unbroken zeal and your life's aims were spotless.
If you banish, my everlasting love will be boundless.
I'm upset for the occasions I've driven you to sadness.
It is cruel to deny how your caregiving was bottomless.

I can't reestablish your affection's fine effectiveness.
Despite all my defects, your adoration for me was faultless.
I've understood that your affection for me is deathless.
Your adoration for eternal scopes offers me mindfulness.

I love you, Mom. My adoration for you is endless.

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Mamutty chola 30 June 2021

Anything is good analysis

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Mamutty chola 30 June 2021

Regardless of mankind hubris, we don: t posseess

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