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Vishal Sharma 11 September 2013

a talented and gifted poet who is in her teens and has a solid grip on the poetry and at the age when children hates remembering poems, she is composing them, a real and a beautiful talent, i see i see my repalica in you as i too used to write poem from you age even when i was 7 years old, i wrote my first poem titled LINGER, dedicated to a girl of ninth standard at that time, now she is in australia being an IIM graduate... I love your spirit and tempo is really unmatched all the best for your future vishal

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Laurel Vijitha ... 31 August 2013

i'm new! ! plzzz plzzz comment n also rate my poems! ! !

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The Best Poem Of Laurel Vijitha

How I Feel On The Summer Day

On the morning I wake up, I see,
The sun elegantly shining towards me,
And then I realize it's summer today,
'Here comes the summer', I say.

I get up and jump on the bed,
Looking at the sun so red,
Mom comes rushing in,
Holding a spoon from kitchen.

'Mom, it's summer', I say,
Mom smiles and says, 'yes! this is may! '
Now, I am very delightful,
On this day very beautiful,

The clouds passing over,
Hey! the sun is getting covered!
And this is the way,
How I feel on a summer day!

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