If U Want To Poem by Laurel Vijitha

If U Want To

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If u want to live,
live for good and needy,
if u want to die,
die for god and not for a lie;

if u want to think.
think what's best for you,
if u want to learn,
learn honestly and wisely earn;

if u want to spend.
don't spend till dead end,
if u want to speak,
speak the truth and for the truth;

if u want to walk,
walk rightly and guide others to the right path,
if u want to sit,
sit and worship your God;

if u want to laugh,
laugh at your foolishness,
if u want to run,
run to god and u will have fun;

if u want to enjoy,
enjoy the blessings God has showered upon u,
if u want to fight,
fight for truth holding your weapons tight;

if u want to fly,
fly above the sky,
if u want to swim,
swim across the widest sea;

if u want to climb,
climb the highest mountain,
if u want to dream,
dream without a scream;

if u want to smile,
smile at the good deeds u have done,
if u want to cheat,
cheat those who cheat;

if u want to copy,
copy the good character of others,
if u want to jump,
jump high to reach your goals! !

thanku for patiently reading my poem! ! plzz comment so I will know whr I make mstk! ! :)

Lucifera Santez 02 October 2013

nice work. please read some of my poems and comment. and for note, for a 13 year old, you are awesome. :)

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Abhishek Mishra 02 October 2013

Amazing..how much lovely this poem is.Superb write which depicts your kind nature: -)

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