Rain! ! Poem by Laurel Vijitha

Rain! !

Rating: 4.5

I am going to the market,
to buy a drawing kit,
and lo! ! here comes the rain! !
my most favourite rain,
I love rain so much,
and in rain would like to have a lunch,
sometimes rain gives us pain, : (
but not at all in the train, :)
I wanted to buy drawing kit,
but now want to buy a rain coat,
I dance in the rain,
I play in the rain,
I have an umbrella,
and the princess on it is cindrella,
mom wants me to use it,
no! ! no! ! I won't use it! !
rain is so much fun,
and I love it a ton,
rain gives us happiness,
and makes us feel it's plentiness,
rain gives water to the plants in forests,
and even to dearest,
it gives water to plats of farmers,
and puts a smile on their faces, :)
rain is born in the ocean,
and lives in the sky,
but at last dies,
and goes back into the ocean,
rain is a wonderful thing! !
and it always leads me to the spring! !

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Vishal Sharma 05 September 2013

love 9 for this poem nice and gentle touch of words imagenary is awesome all in all an enjoyable read

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Gajanan Mishra 29 August 2013

good rain, thanks, no pain no gain but it is rain. I like it. I invite you to read my poems and comment.

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