Lawrence H Poems

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A Journey Of A Poet

A journey begins with
A thought in our mind
Words are chosen and formed.

I Have A Dream

O my God,
Give me a wonderful dream,
Hope for a successful dream
Give me the best dream.

Self Motivation

Life is not boring
Work is not meaningless
Relationships are not worthless

The Power Of God's Love

Love Is Forever Ever-lasting,
Even when we ask God's love,
Love shall forever live for eternity.

A Cute Poem For A Cute Girl

You changed my world with a blink of an eye,
That is something that I can not deny,
You put my soul from worst to best,
That is why I treasure you my dearest Marites.

Peace In Me

Peace to you
Peace to All

May God Gives us the peace
Every peace is in me

Reflection Of Life

Life is not about making money,
Life is not about acquiring power,
Life is not about gaining recognition or wealth.

Dreaming As A Traveller

(dedicated to Jolly)

I have a dream
To travel around the world

Farewell, My Beloved Mum

Loving Mum
You're my best mum
In the whole universe.
I always love you.

My Last Words

My love,
When I leave this world,
Be happy, be glad;
Don’t weep, don’t grief.

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