My Last Words Poem by Lawrence Hiun

My Last Words

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My love,
When I leave this world,
Be happy, be glad;
Don't weep, don't grief.

My love,
When I live for eternity,
Just remember me,
On your mind, and
I remain in your heart.

My love,
When I say last words,
Listen carefully,
I always Love you.

My love,
When I am alive again,
You never see me again,
Because I had gone forever.

My love,
When you sleep and awaken,
Remember I'll be
In your dream, and
In sweet memory.

My love,
When I left you,
Don't be sad and sorrowful;
I'll remember you, and
Always miss you so much.

My Last words,
Pray to God for me always,
May my soul rest in peace;
And Eternity.
I Live in your memory.

Hans Vr 13 January 2012

This is a very moving poem. I really like it a lot. Your wife is really a lucky one. Fantastic, Lawrence. I just hope that your real last words are not coming to soon. I want to enjoy for poetry nad wisdom for many years to come.

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Unwritten Soul 13 January 2012

It is nice romantic write Lawrence_Unwritten Soul

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Lawrence H 11 January 2012

This poem was composed and dedicated to my wife, Catherine Chiew Ngan as a will message to her when I am not around. In this touching poem, I expressed my most inner thoughts and gratitude about my heartfelt love to her and take care and love of me for life. So I want to let her know that by writing a poem for her and left a beautiful messages about my departure from this world to hope that she will understand my feeling and last words. I hope our poet members can do the same if they are interested to do so. Thank you very much to all the poets members who read and comments on my poems. This Poem Reflection notes by: Lawrence Hiung

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Dave Walker 11 January 2012

A very beautiful poem. A great write.

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Aditi Khandelwal 11 January 2012

this poem is soo good and romantic nice write... Top marks... Aditi

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