Farewell, My Beloved Mum Poem by Lawrence Hiun

Farewell, My Beloved Mum

Loving Mum
You're my best mum
In the whole universe.
I always love you.

You always take care of me
When I'm sick,
When I'm sad,
When I'm naughty,
When I'm stubborn.

Oh Mum,
Why you left us so soon?
Please don't cry, don't grief,
Don't held up, hang on.

Stop worrying us all,
Be willing to let go all,
Relieve your painful agony.

I may not understand
All the pains and agony
You endure.

You undergo many
Sacrifices, sufferings and challenges
In your life to give the best to me.

I never forget
All things you had done for me,
And taught me.

Loving mum,
Thank you so much,
For giving me life,
For upbringing me into this world.

You make me proud,
I'll make you proud too,
As your good child.

I felt very sad and sorrowful
To see you go
Saying final farewell
To you.

Loving mum,
I'll always miss you,
You'll forever live in my memory.

Farewell, goodbye Mum,
May your soul rest in peace,
I hope you're always happy
in presence of Jesus Christ, our Lord.

May God bless your soul
And live in heaven forever.

Kevin Patrick 13 May 2012

Thais was a very heartfelt and tearful read, the last several lines were very emotional. Take care Lawrence may you know that love is still around.

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Lawrence H 26 February 2012

My mother, Cecilia Chin, age 80 had passed away on 26 Feb 2012 at 5: 40 am (Malaysia time) in Sandakan, Sabah and I felt deep sorrow and devastated from her passing. May God Bless her soul and her soul will rest in peace.

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Spiritual Seeker 24 February 2012

Dear Lawrence...a touching poem! Give the gentlest care to your mother...my prayer for her!

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Unwritten Soul 24 February 2012

Very touching...we all hope and wish the best for her, Lawrence...I think she must be proud of you, she just raised a nice child to be wise man now..i think she always adore this..it so lovely to see pure love bound in atmosphere that you both shared...We all hope she passed the suffering and bring back her smile soon_Unwritten Soul

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Lawrence H 24 February 2012

This ode poem is dedicated to my beloved mother who is suffering terminally ill cancer and I ask all poets to pray for her to relieve her painful agony. May God Bless her soul and relieve her suffering as soon as possible. Our God Mother, Mary, please bless her now. I am going to miss my mum if she pass away soon.

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