The Power Of God's Love Poem by Lawrence Hiun

The Power Of God's Love

Love Is Forever Ever-lasting,
Even when we ask God's love,
Love shall forever live for eternity.

Love is Forever Ever-growing,
Even when we growing old,
Love will Grow up within us.

Love is Forever Ever-powerful,
Even when everything else Fails,
Love will push us forward.

Love is Forever Ever-merciful,
Even when we fall into temptation,
Unconditional God's love shall forgive us.

Love is Forever Ever-kindhearted,
Whenever we're down and struggle for life.
God's Love will enlightened us.

Love is forever Helpful and Consoling us,
But Above All Else,
LOVE Always remain within us.

Love of God shall forever
be within You and Me.

Lawrence H 12 January 2012

Reflection Note: This poem is about God's love power to humankind. With God's love, everything is possible. Impossibility becomes possible. Human is a mirror image of God. therefore, we human race must treat each other well and with honour and respect so that we live in peace and loving kind among us and be with God until we journey our life on this earth.

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Chinedu Dike 22 November 2019

A fine and lofty verse, well conceived and elegantly crafted with spiritual insight. Thanks for sharing and do remain enriched.

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Lasoaphia Quxazs 18 January 2012

Yes, You found it, but add to this, that God is GOOD and when you believe your life lessons will be light and you will understand many more things, because life a school room and there is no good or bad, but lessons. If you see it that way you will know, that what problem comes to you, you caused it with your thinking and only you are the only one who can solve it. So go on life happily, solving all the challenges which comes your way. You found it.

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Eric Cockrell 16 January 2012

and love is a hungry verb! great poem, great outlook!

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Dave Walker 13 January 2012

We all need love and faith in our lives. A great poem.

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Hans Vr 13 January 2012

So much of wisdom lies in this wonderful poem. So true, I fully agree, Lawrence. God's love is so powerful. It is always and everywhere around All we have to do is tune in to it (but not many people tune in) Excellent write

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