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A journey begins with
A thought in our mind
Wise words are chosen.

O Dream of Dreams,
Give me a wonderful dream,
Hope for a successful dream
Give me the best dream.

Love Is Forever Ever-lasting,
Even when we ask God's love,
Love shall forever live for eternity.

You may change my world with a blink of an eye,
That is something that I cannot deny,
You put my soul from worst to best,
That is why I treasure you my dearest Marites.

May the Peace be to us,
And be Peace to All.

This world be peaceful place,

Life is not about making money,
Life is not about acquiring power,
Life is not about gaining recognition or wealth.

I have a dream
To travel around the world
To see many beautiful countries and wonderful landscapes.
To experience different cultures and traditions.

Life is not boring
Work is not meaningless
Relationships are not worthless

Loving Mum
You're my best mum
In the whole universe.
I always love you.

My love,
When I leave this world,
Be happy, be glad;
Don't weep, don't grief.

Am I a good thinker?
Can I see what others don't?
Am I a daring person?
Can I do what others do not like to do?

My Dearest Lord, Jesus,
Thank you for giving me
The best mum in the entire world,

Did Anyone Ever Tell You
How Important You Make Others Feel,
Somebody out here is smiling
About friendship that is so real.

True love is
the look into your eyes
that is meant for you alone,
a gentle kiss that says everything will be all right,

All around the tree
As little kids they played,
All the world was fairyland;
Dreams were not delayed.


Curly clouds of snowy white,
Fleecy islands in the light,
Prettier than cotton wool,
Come and be my bed tonight.

My Love is like a diamond,
Hard to find, and hard to polish.
Of all the girls I've ever found.

Painful rejection
Your silence speaks volumes
Solitary dove flies alone,

Memories are made of events and things
That happen every day around us,
Moments as we like them
Things we do or say.

My roads may be an old ones,
My roads may be new ones.

When I reach a junction and crossroad,

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My Vision is to become a poet and publish all my poems in an e-book and widely read by people wants to learn life experiences.)

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Poet Journey

A journey begins with
A thought in our mind
Wise words are chosen.

Lines of poem compose
Well Written with meanings
With words of emotions and expressions

A poet starts with
An inspiration of mind,
An aspiration of the soul.

With reflection In life
We start to Compose some
Wonderful poems

Expressing our innermost thoughts
With deep contemplation
To put them in poetry words

A journey begins when
A poet takes his imagination
To a place where
No one had ever imagined.

A poet's journey ends by
Writing another lovely poem
And deep reflection

A poet remains as a poet
Continue to Write and Share poems
Poetry begins with the poet's journey.
@rev May 2022

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Walterrean Salley 21 April 2012

Lawrence, I have enjoyed your poems, and am inspired by reading them. You are a serious poet with a very bright future—just don’t stop. Thanks for your wonderful contribution to the field. I wish you the best in all of your your poetic endeavors.

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Hans Vr 23 January 2012

Lawrence is a poet who weaves masterfully lots of wisdom and beauty in amazing melodious verses. It is a joy to read his poems; you always discover something new.

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Good Things Never Come Easy. Sometimes Life is hard to continue. We need to work smart and strive hard to success.

Give your whole hearted love to those whom need them makes the world a better place.

Strong people go for help. Ask for assistance. Gnashing your teeth in the dark will not get you extra brownie points. It is a sign of strength to ask for assistance and people will respect you for it.

Come let us be friends for once. Let us make life easy on us. Let us be loved ones and lovers. The earth shall be left to no one. " ― Yunus Emre

Don't ruin a good today by thinking about a bad yesterday. Let it go.― Anonymous

'Life is a secret that everyone is trying to discover. But the paradox is that there is no need to do this. You just live wisely and having fun every day to discover new things. So, we should put on a smiling face, live joyfully and happily.' #life

'The most important thing that music teachers can do with their pupils is to inspire and encourage an emotional response, not just for music, but more importantly for all aspects of life." - Seymour Bernstein, a New York based pedagogue, composer, and performer,

Time has a very powerful way of filtering out chaos. The noise of people you thought saw you are now silent. The people whose intentions had been a grey area have a fixed colour palette now. This day will become a blur too, and moving will allow me to see things from a broader perspective, from a lens of a person who is not weighed down by a giant adolescent diaper. Those who do not become a blur, will be immortalised. Are there more reasons to leave than to stay now?

If you are irritated by every rub, how will your mirror be polished? by Rumi

LOVE is often withheld from human being, is lavished on places and things. - Merce Rodoreda.

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Lawrence Hiung Popularity

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