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I Love to wite poetry. all of the poems on here i wrote in the past week.11/4/07 (lonliness, pain, hurt, suicide123, care?) my l.a. teacher ms. mathues inspired me to start writing poetry but then i started letting out my REAL feelings into poetry.

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(read Cuz Its The Only Humor Youll Ever Read From Me)

heather is as awesome as a mother effin blossom
shes yellow like my jellow
shes black like my whack
shes wite like my kite


Hurt is royal purple

It smells like the water thats hitting your still emotionless shelterless body

Suicide 2

Suicide is scarlet
It smells like hot running water


Lonliness is the darkest shade of black

It smells like a dark sterile room


Pain is scarlet blue and purple, all the colors of blood

It smells like the sulfer from a match which nips your nose

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