Terrible Bad Pain Poem by Leann Pilgrim

Terrible Bad Pain

Rating: 4.6

All my life,
I have felt nothing but terrible bad pain,
My day by day daily life feels like being stabbed by a knife,
Bruises, scars and wounds is something daily I gain.

I don't want to even wake up because of the pain,
I don't want even more to get up and start the morning,
Why do people like me in sorrow, agony and terrible loneliness and what out of it do they gain? ,
On the outside I'm all proud and fine but on the inside my pain is so terrible bad that on the inside I screaming.

Oh, is there someone out there to help me feel what happiness for the first time,
Am I not allowed to be happy? ,
Is me being happy such a crime? ,
Does my life have to be where I alway feel pain, sorrow, loneliness and always unhappy? .

Anjandev Roy 03 December 2021

But your pen can give you real happiness..

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David Wood 01 December 2021

I sense the pain you feel, and what you've been through, and it will take a long time, if ever, to let go of it. You may find happiness by helping others in the same boat as you, or even animals. Above all look after yourself, and keep writing.

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Robert Murray Smith 01 December 2021

In song we must live.

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Blessing Asake 01 December 2021

I can feel your pain.... happiness is something we all deserve

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LeeAnn Azzopardi 01 December 2021

you don't need anything you happy. Yes, I feel that way but I am thankful for the people around me. Love shouldn't hurt

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