Leann Pilgrim Poems

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True Love At Last

Looking & searching for true love,
Painfully Failing twice,
Finally, I gave up, tired of feeling hurt like after a fall from a painful shove,
Finally, I called a truce.

Oh Alex, Why?

Oh Alex, why? ,
Why cause me this terrible pain? ,
Oh Alex, now my thoughts are full of nothing but ways that I can die,
What happiness and pleasure out of this did you gain? .

New Love & A New Beginning But The Same Old Terrible Fear

I found a new love today,
And started a new beginning today,
But I still feel that same terrible strong fear everyday,
Why does life make people feel this way.

Oh My Love

Oh my love,
Oh my love, where have you wander to?
Oh my love, are you hurt or in sorrow, please tell worry has wrapped itself around me like a tight glove, Oh my love, a day without you is like a day without oxygen, please let me see or hear from you.
Oh my love, oh how I miss you,

Terrible Bad Pain

All my life,
I have felt nothing but terrible bad pain,
My day by day daily life feels like being stabbed by a knife,
Bruises, scars and wounds is something daily I gain.

Oh My Heart

Oh, my heart,
Is drowning in all the tears I've cried,
Oh, how it is still chained to my dear A.C., like how unseen secrets are chained to the world's most greatest and most beautiful art.

Can't You See

Can't you see the through my eyes,
Can't you see the gray skies,
Then if so why cause more pain?
What out of it do you gain?


On the outside, all seems fine,
But on the inside,
I'm on my knees,
Screaming and crying for someone to love me, begging someone out there, please.


Cry myself to sleep,
My heart has a hole so too deep.
From a search of true love,
Wondering when I get to see the beautiful dove.

Open My Eyes

Do you see the world through open eyes?
Or do you live life blind?
Because if you do then you might as well living life in blind lies,
Believe me, that life is not a happy kind.