LeeAnn Azzopardi Poems

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Orchid Haiku

A Poet's Confession

This Year, Flowers

Yes Dad, I bought flowers
I know it's early
But I wanted you to have them for Father's Day
Unlike last year when there weren't any

Listening To The Stones

Alone in my apartment, listening to the Stones
I wondered what went wrong
I tried to write you a verse that would made you stay
But I couldn't find the words

Living In Harmony Is What I Dream Of

I dream of a world called paradise,
Where there's no such things as tears
I dream that no one is harmed,
Because of beliefs or other reasons

What About The Children

What about the children?
Will they know know what is a Polar Bear or Elephant?
As the global warning of climate change echoes extinction
Will we have the truth and reconcilliation finally?

The Snake That You Are

The snake slips out of its skin
but never changes
Its tongue makes me nervous
But it's harmless

The Gem

Take this stone
It's my gift of love
I know it isn't worth anything
But it's what I want to use

The Wind Dancer

She dances like the infinite wind
Not knowing where she's goin'
Never knowing where she has been
She can't stop to rest

Ars Poetica

My poetry is a mystery to me also
I don't know how I write
I feel it isn't any good
That I could make a living

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