LeeAnn Azzopardi Poems

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Orchid Haiku

A Poet's Confession

This Year, Flowers

Yes Dad, I bought flowers
I know it's early
But I wanted you to have them for Father's Day
Unlike last year when there weren't any

Living In Harmony Is What I Dream Of

I dream of a world called paradise,
Where there's no such things as tears
I dream that no one is harmed,
Because of beliefs or other reasons

Real American Democracy

Make America Great again
By cleaning the lakes and rivers
And stop poisoning the land
Let's stop this division between of everything

She's An Angel Now (For Aida Azzopardi 1935-2021)

She's an angel now
Carried to the other side
She has left a piece of her inside me
Though, we didn't always agree

Listening To The Stones

Alone in my apartment, listening to the Stones
I wondered what went wrong
I tried to write you a verse that would made you stay
But I couldn't find the words

Cupid's Quiver Of Arrows

He keeps missing yr heart
Though he has had lots of practice through
The centuries
But he keeps missing yr heart

Dark Horse

Run like the wind
Against the wintry clouds
Against the Iron Horse
That is faster than a bullet

Taking The Flame

It's true, I was idealistic when I was young
I saw everything in black and white
But now, everything's gray and complex
I fought for the seals and whales

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