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Liilia loves Florida, which is the subject of many of her poems and writings. Favorite themes: the spiritual life, simplicity, color, nature & its creatures and things fallen to the wayside.

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Margaret O Driscoll 05 January 2016

Liilia, your poetry is like a ' wildflowers from the glen', so so beautiful, I want to bind them in a beautifully bound book and treasure them forever! !

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Krista Nassehi 26 January 2014

Charming and lovely. I really enjoyed this one....something like the lessons of Aesop!

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The Best Poem Of Liilia Talts Morrison

Bell Of Truth

The sound of truth rings like a bell
with perfect pitch and timeless knell

There are no jarring overtones
or clouded fuzzy undertones

No harshness and no grating sound
its waves pierce solid rocky ground

It pierces every earthly thing
delighting birds to soar and sing

The hills applaud and clap their hands
and angels fly by its commands

Seek it above all treasured things
health, fortune, rubies, gold of kings

Seek it while walking on this earth
and know that heaven gave it birth.

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Liilia Talts Morrison Popularity

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