Bell Of Truth Poem by Liilia Talts Morrison

Bell Of Truth

Rating: 4.9

The sound of truth rings like a bell
with perfect pitch and timeless knell

There are no jarring overtones
or clouded fuzzy undertones

No harshness and no grating sound
its waves pierce solid rocky ground

It pierces every earthly thing
delighting birds to soar and sing

The hills applaud and clap their hands
and angels fly by its commands

Seek it above all treasured things
health, fortune, rubies, gold of kings

Seek it while walking on this earth
and know that heaven gave it birth.

Saturday, July 18, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: truth
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M Asim Nehal 20 July 2016

Great rhyme, nice flow and a fantastic poem.

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Edward Kofi Louis 20 July 2016

With a pefect pitch to touch the hearts! Nice work.

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Kim Barney 20 July 2016

Congratulations on poem of the day. A well-written piece.

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Liza Sudina 20 July 2017

Wonderful thoughtful poem from kind heart and clever mind!

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Clarence Prince 20 July 2016

Yes indeed, the truth needs to prosper!

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Dr Dillip K Swain 10 October 2021

A meaningful composition with a precious last couplet.....Top score! !

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Lee Boueri 17 November 2019

Great flow, well written.

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Seamus O Brian 20 July 2017

Truth is infinite, and therefore the whole is incomprehensible by anything less than infinite. Even mathematically, if one assumes that truth is the whole set of positions of every particle since the beginning of time, there is even quantum variability within that data set. So total truth lies in the realm of the Divine, or nowhere. The rest of us finite beings only have access to truth via the portals of our untrustworthy senses, and the storage of experienced truth within the frailty of our bioelectrical neurology, highly susceptible to our own personal biases. This is why there is so much division and even strife concerning which part of the elephant of truth each blind sage grasps. But here we have a diligently constructed, rhythmically pleasing, phonically pleasant tribute to the concept of pure truth, a noble ovation to a concept that will always remain just beyond our mortal grasp. But a man's reach should indeed exceed his grasp, so some will look within and others will look above, and I will be content to believe that the whispers I hear iwhen I stare into the sunset and gaze into the mountain abyss touch my soul even as Michaelangelo's Yahweh touches the finger of Adam, and a necessary measure of truth revealed.

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Edward Kofi Louis 20 July 2017

Always seek for the truth! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Absolutely beautiful and uplifting verse.Love your poem..a ten

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