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The sea, the sea: calling out to you and me
Waves rush in to caress the sand
Only to roll out again

Do my eyes look empty to you
Yesterday I was in tears
Because Yes - you invade my thoughts still
Why are you still with me

Once more at the ledge
Staring into the ravine
Wishing to let go of this life
But your voice has steadied me

the measure of a man
Is not in a number of scores
Or the record of loves in a lifetime
The number of times he hung up without speaking

A voice from the past
A memory in the mist
The sun in his face
As Frank took the instrument

People change with every season
Straying and punishing hard
Turning an innocent little gesture
Into an astonishing discover

The man of my dreams is buried
In the clouds of a starless night
I am too young to feel so old
I am the one people overlook

Under a blanket of memories
Woven of the past and a daydream
Your voice, your touch remains hidden
Though centuries have come between

A car without headlights
On a damp Foggy Day
Nearly hit my bumper
At the stop sign down the way

Here I sit as you wander on by
Blind to the misbeat as I hold my breath
Blinking in surprize when words find my ear
I don't think you contemplate me

Ask any Poetess who her children might be
And she boldly replies: every verse I did write
So when one comes like a theif in the night
To claim her children are theirs in their right

You know what the mosquito
Said when it buzzed in your ear
"You look tasty, can I bring my buddies"

Today, I will get up before my alarm
Today, I won't close my eyes until dusk
Today, I will not get a speeding ticket
Today, I will count this day as a first

If we spent as much time
Building people up
As we do, breaking people down

In the dark reaches of the early morning light
Amongst the shadows I walk
To see something artistic, amazing and true
Nature's wake-up call.

I took a step away from drowning
Awash in worry, doubt and grief
Build up over the ageless centuries
The Locket of my heartstrings broke

the most precious moments
of my days and nights
are when I sense you beside me
Death has changed the form

Lost was love, condition foretold
Inside a private moment bluttered
When you drove me home
whispers of pain cutting the night

White was the light of grace
Drawing me from this place
Your cruel words foolow me in spite
The pain they bring haunts my life

With all the times, my mind has wandered following your charms
With all the times, I spent considering the way you really are
With all the times, I ponder over your opinions of love and life
With all the times, I've lain in bed dreaming of you at night

Lillian B. Rose Biography

I AM THE PROUD DAUGHTER OF AN OPPOSITE GENDER MARRIAGE THAT SURPASSED HEALTH AND FINANCIAL OBSTACLES. THERE WAS NEVER A DOUBT THAT I WOULD BE GENDER SPECIFIC IN MY ATTRACTIONS BUT THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE IN MY LIFE BELIEVING IN THE VALUE OF MY CORE FOUNDATION AND ULTIMATE DREAMS. Sometimes the best of life results from a period of personal growth. Life is going to have potholes, and mountains but when we steady each other, they are less noticeable. Healing love is found when the soul is able to promote the heart and quiet the self-talk of the mind which is the best lesson we learn from listening to others.)

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The Sea(1994-1995)

The sea, the sea: calling out to you and me
Waves rush in to caress the sand
Only to roll out again

The sea, the sea: calmness in its water
But in one fowl swoop
The calm has turned sour

The sea, the sea: breezes clear as day
Salty air meets our lips
Longer, will we stay?

The sea, the sea: soft sand beneath our feet
Breeze cooling our hot hands
One look at your eyes and I Know

The sea, the sea: our ally and friend
The seascape drawing us in
In triumph, two sweethearts together
Creating Minstrels in the sand.

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A rainbow is a sign that God will not repeat to flood the whole earth and kill off everyone who is disobedient to him, after the flood - God regretted what he did and used the rainbow to say never again the world be destroyed a world wide flood. The rainbow is a promise from God not to kill us all and every time we see a rainbow in the sky we are reminded of that promise. It is not just a sign for GLBT persons but the whole world.

Too often the things I write cause waves of callous remarks to float around me. The reason I write under a pen name is to quiet the gossip circles when I write anything because it is often personal in some form or fashion. Socially I am often challenged by liberals causing me to patch wounds with healing love. I have only had two great men try to love me good. One had baggage and the other had healing (yet of those two only one is alive) . Miracles happen when we stop trying to solve the mysteries of life that we just have to take on faith.

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Lillian B. Rose Popularity

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