Belle Wassermeister Poems

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Linda Bella

My name is Linda Bella;
my father calls me Belle.
I used to be his little girl,
but how my size did swell!

Poor Mary

Poor Mary, my neighbor.
She cries all the time
because her husband,
John, just passed away.

Love Means Nothing

Fifteen means one, and we've begun.
Thirty means two; how's that strike you?
Forty means three; you still with me?


We walked along the dusty trail,
no shoes upon our feet.

Hot summer day.

Tit For Tat

I have tried to think what I should do,
and have thought many hours, it is true.
I have searched a great deal
from my head to my heel,

A Bust At The Senior Prom

What's a flat-chested girl supposed to do
when she wants to look good
for the senior prom?

Mah Ham Cinquain

Mah Ham
is who I am.
I like this name because
it is palindromic, like me.

The Old Hag In The Mirror

The old hag in the mirror
tells me that all's not fine,
while I insist with all my heart
I'm only twenty-nine.

Time Is Short

I want to stay forever, but I can't;
to this old world we all must bid goodbye.
It does no good to sit and rave and rant,
nor try to understand the reason why.

Attack Of The Cream Cake

Mona Lisa was attacked last week,
a matter of extreme disgrace.
She couldn't even turn the other cheek
when a man smeared cream cake on her face.

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