Gateway To My Love Poem by Linda Marie Van Tassell

Gateway To My Love

Rating: 5.0

Somewhere there's someone, sometime and someplace,
the one who loves me more than words can say.
He's the song of joy, a new bloom of love,
a whirlwind of wonder at break of day.

He's the breath of morn that makes curtains dance
as the sunrise spills a banquet of light.
He whispers in ribbons of red and gold
then he kisses my lips as we unite.

His succulent lips are glittered with rain
like two soft petals of dew-donned delight
and passionately pressed to form his smile -
a fragrant lotus of intimate white.

Warm shades of passion turn flesh into words
between his lips like songs for him to sing.
The bud will soon blossom within his mouth.
The birth of love is a glorious thing!

The Gateway is open; he holds the key.
Glory to God! I have found him at last.
I have come - not to love for a moment
but to love him until all time has passed.

The heart is deep-rooted in the dreaming
and is sustained by faith throughout the years.
Water follows the wind across the bay
like a blue eye searching heavenly spheres.

I searched sculpture and symmetry of light.
Rays swayed on the hammock of my lashes;
and he floated like sunlight through my mind,
gracing the windows with rainbow flashes.

And now, I can do naught but to love him.
I have waited and desired for so long.
I submit my body and deliquesce,
happy at last, this is where I belong.

Mark Nwagwu 22 April 2008

read it again gave this a 10 - flesh turned to words - magic!

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Mark Nwagwu 22 April 2008

oh so beautiful, so wonderful, leaves me breathless - love is supreme, sublime, total, nothing-more.

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Frank Bana 22 April 2008

It is magnificent, poetry which is fully equal to the glorious majestic nature of Love.... thanks for such splendour!

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