Affection Poem by Linda Marie Van Tassell


Rating: 5.0

Come! Give me your thoughts that have wandered far and long
in the realm of green meadows and the daisies' song
of love-me, love-me-not petals that shed their tears
beneath the hope of your touch and the joy of years.

Hold me! Wrap me in love where the flowers abound;
and let us plant the sweetest roots on sacred ground,
where no waters divide and no mountains shall rise.
Let us build our Eden and make it paradise.

Let us catch the splendor of the indigo breeze
and make wine in the shade beneath bountiful trees.
In vineyards of pleasure and succulent delight,
let us slice open the moon and eat it tonight.

Let the light penetrate and give birth to the dream
as love-me, love-me petals float the merry stream.
Explosions of ecstasy cast a reflection
from the soul to the eyes of dear, sweet affection.

Come! Yours is the love that presses into my skin.
It is the wellspring of life that I revel in.
I am poised on the precipice, waiting to fall,
inflamed by the glory and wonder of it all.

Your love is my life; we are writ in heaven's scroll.
You steal all my senses, and you shudder my soul.
Come! I need nothing more from life other than this:
to end my journey on the silk waves of your kiss.

C F 09 February 2019

You are a superb lyricist, the images you project are very vivid, I like your choice of simple words that when combined cleverly transform into beautiful verse - line by line. Will visit your poems again later.

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Rayniece Clayborne 22 April 2008

spoken like a real poet from the soul

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Dr.subhendu Kar 25 March 2008

the touch of joy when to revel to rave up by the passion reasons to desire as the scarlet red terribly tweakes the love yet it reasonsas love is alight all the amazing splendors pierce the blood to veil the tears............................written when eloquent reasons luscious,10/10, thanks fo sharing

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Let us catch the splendor of the indigo breeze I stand transported into that reverie Thnx-hugs-rehan

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