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I'm feeling so focused and calm today
nothing negative is gonna get in my way
my eyes are shining so bright and clear,
it feels like all my dreams, close to coming true are near.

Three spoilt cats
live in my house,
The oldest - and biggest one
is afraid of a mouse.

Tiger hunting in dark of night,
Keenful eyes keeping it's prey in sight,
hidden in the long grass, crouching low,
waiting to deliver it's fatal blow.

They say you should stay positive
and not into sad thoughts give,
and when you only get one life,
to the full is how they say you should live.

* I'm branching into a different style of writing -
I don't usually like free-verse.

Some people have a dark place in their heart

[Verse One]
If you're ever feeling cold, and alone
No need to look, i'm by your side,
Tonight on me, you can depend,

It's good to share your talent,
and have it read throughout the world,
Sharing your poems, and reading theirs,
it's nice to know there's someone who cares.

'What does friendship mean to you? '
I put this to my friend.
'it means-' he said, '- of trust and hope,
and good times, bad times, and the times inbetween'

Today is a good day to be happy
The sun's brightly shinning,
Birds are gaily singing,
Negativity today, is not winning.

In a sea of broken dreams
i was hopelessly sinking,
Overwhelmed was i by the huge, crashing waves,
that were tring to swamp, and drown me.

Vomit is how i discribe my poems,
it reflects my mood from the heart,
whatever i'm feeling, it all just comes out,
and some poems are angry, happy and sad,

My alarm is now broke,
Cancelled train,
The sun smiles at the joke.


We spend all of our life
trying to be who we're not,
fit in where we don't

Too caught up with our our own troubles,
walking past other's in need,
wrapped within our selfish bubble,
driven by our own greed.

Why do I feel so down and alone?
My heart is so cold and icy
like icebergs in the Atlantic
and it's frozen fingers

Looking through my black-framed window,
at my neighbours bigger house,
would be swell living in that bubble,
never have they, had any troubles,

I can not say
'I understand your pain'
when your pain I haven't been through.

Always in question I find myself
At me always is pointed the finger of blame,
I know this anger is taxing on my health
And I, in dark, negative mood, want to retire from Life's game.

Mistletoe hanging just under the door,
Presents wrapped under the tree,
A Merry Christmas to you all,
From the heart and pen of me.

I am loopy, loopy as can be,
crazier than a vampire bat
flying during the day,
My brain's done a mental -

Liz Munro Biography

i am 24 female from australia. My nickname's wildcat due to being wild about cats. I've got 3 spoil rotten cats who eat better then me much to my boyfriend's annoyence. I do Ninjutsu (marsical arts) and i am not a good speller, even with a dictionary. Hope everyone enjoys my poetry. There are poems from 1998 to 2005 ongoing.)

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I'm feeling so focused and calm today
nothing negative is gonna get in my way
my eyes are shining so bright and clear,
it feels like all my dreams, close to coming true are near.

Only i can hold myself back
if i stray off this positive track.
but there is a new me, different to the me of old,
i have started a journey - and amazed,
i follow and watch my journey unfold.
for i am going somewher i have never been,
and my mind is unlocking things previously unseen.
from negative entrapment, i am breaking free,
now is the time for discovering the true and inner me.

Focused and happy, my journey feels right,
like my spirit has grown wings, and to a higher level takes flight.
everything for me is starting to click into place,
i no longer rush life by, at such a fast pace.

For whatever life throws at me, i know i'll survive it,
and i will continue my journey, untill it reaches mortal end,
where i know on a higher plane, my journey will begin again.


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