Liz Munro

Rookie (02/09/81 / Australia)

Liz Munro Poems

1. [song] Shadow Of Your Protective Wings. 1/3/2006
2. Don'T Make Me Cry: -( 1/3/2006
3. Decisions 1/13/2006
4. *there Can Be No Good Answer To The Question 'Why? ' 1/13/2006
5. Glad You'Re Smiling 1/16/2006
6. Damn You Needle[about Sewing] 1/21/2006
7. When The Rainbow Reappears 1/22/2006
8. Always Care, Forever Will Be There 1/30/2006
9. Scars Deeply Unseen [until It's Too Late] 2/1/2006
10. When The Kind Heart Fails, Who Will Come? 2/3/2006
11. Winter's Eventual Thaw 2/18/2006
12. Easy To Be Happy: -] 1/8/2006
13. Deep Down, I'M Not. 10/28/2005
14. Today, I Am Soo Happy. 10/28/2005
15. Thunderstorm. 12/7/2005
16. Where Has The Magic Of Life Gone? 12/18/2005
17. Enjoy Your Daily Slice Of Life. 12/18/2005
18. Oh My God...They'Ve Offered Me A Credit Card. 12/20/2005
19. Trapped! 12/29/2005
20. No Longer Am I Trapped! (Sequel To Trapped!) 12/29/2005
21. [song]see Me Through 1/2/2006
22. Living Under A Stormcloud (Feels Just Like You Are) 10/31/2005
23. Pretending That Everything Is Fine (When It Is Really Not) 10/30/2005
24. Let Hearts Regrow. (Love Again) . 11/1/2005
25. With You/Without You 11/1/2005
26. Summer's Heat Is Here 12/28/2005
27. A New Stage Of My Journey Begins 1/2/2006
28. Queen Of The Jungle 1/1/2006
29. The Greedy Cat At The Cafe. 1/2/2006
30. A Merry Christmas To You All. 12/17/2005
31. All Anyone Can Ask You To Give (Only Giving Your Best Is) 10/31/2005
32. (am I?) Mad As A Hatter. 12/29/2005
33. Can'T Seem To Write Today. 11/6/2005
34. Alright 4/10/2006
35. [my Tears] Only The Dark Shall See 1/16/2006
36. Loopy, Loopy 1/4/2006
37. What Would A Non-Vegetarian-Feed Hen Eat? 1/6/2006
38. Thankyou To P.H Members 1/3/2006
39. I'M Off My Bloody Trolley. 1/3/2006
40. Continuing The Journey 12/5/2005

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Best Poem of Liz Munro


I'm feeling so focused and calm today
nothing negative is gonna get in my way
my eyes are shining so bright and clear,
it feels like all my dreams, close to coming true are near.

Only i can hold myself back
if i stray off this positive track.
but there is a new me, different to the me of old,
i have started a journey - and amazed,
i follow and watch my journey unfold.
for i am going somewher i have never been,
and my mind is unlocking things previously unseen.
from negative entrapment, i am breaking free,
now is the time for discovering the true and...

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I sit in my room and I ponder,
everything that's happened in my life,
Have made the right decisions?
I wonder,
I can not know this until after.

After the decision has been made,
but even if it is wrong,
each of us has to in their own bed lay,

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