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My greatest love is chocolate.
I know it makes you fat.
But think of chocolates lovely taste,
I can put up with that.

Big sound,
Music everywhere.
Great rides,

I've just lost my mother,
Most people wouldn't care.
But what happens when I need her?
And she just isn't there.

Here she comes. the big fat lump,
Her clothes come off and then she'll thump,
Her backside on my protesting frame,
I'm straining now. It's such a shame.

Angels up above me,
I wonder, can I ask.
If you'd do me a favour
And perform a special task.

Lying awake in my bed,
I got an awful fright,
Passing by the window,
Went a colourful, bright light.

Funerals, they are a chance, for folk to say 'Goodbye',
I came to your funeral and Mum, I cannot lie.
I had to stand and listen, it made me feel real sick,
It was all about our father. I felt I'd had a kick.

I'd been looking for an interest,
Since robbed of being a wife.
So I bought me a computer,
A buy which changed my life.

A beautiful, fair maiden,
Sat in the moonlit bay,
Of a far off, distant land,
She silently, did pray.


The wife is standing ower there,
Wondering what she's gonna wear,
Since she's ta'en the time and care,
Doing up her bloody hair.

The burglar hides behind the shed,
He waits until we're all in bed.
And when he knows we're fast asleep.
Up to the window, he does creep.

Up the alley,
down the lane,
through the streets,
he follows Jane.

My arms, to have held you,
That would have been a joy.
Instead of never knowing,
If you were a girl or boy.


Looking in the mirror,
What's that, that I see?
Oh, bloody hell, it is my face,
That's staring back at me.

These are three little rhymes made up in 1998 fror home made 'Father's Day' cards that the kids and I made for their dad.

I'm wishing for my father,
(Who ain't really that bad) ,

My pen is running dry now,
The ink is fading fast,
I want to finish writing,
But I don't think it will last.

Deep inside the woods, at night,
Appeared a fairy, bathed in light,
Her grace was magical to see,
As she tiptoed there, beneath the tree,


Years ago, when I was small,
I often wished that I was tall.
Like the hippy who walked along the street,
Her boots, I wanted on my feet.


Time passes by,
Year after year.
I'm so lonely,
Sitting here


I don't profess to be a poet,
Don't you think that I don't know it.
But I like to lift my pen,
Write some words now and again.

Lizzy Tomlinson Biography

Widow, mother and carer. Looked after disabled husband until his death from cancer in 2004. Stay at home looking after adult autistic daughter and teenage daughter. Started writing rhyme in January 2006 for memorials. Takes a lighter view on life now. Likes writing, gaming, my computer and being with my girls.)

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My greatest love is chocolate.
I know it makes you fat.
But think of chocolates lovely taste,
I can put up with that.
I unwrap the silver paper,
Close my eyes and take a bite.
And savour chocolates lovely taste,
To my hearts delight.
It makes me feel all warm inside,
My sinful, little pleasure.
I think of chocolates lovely taste,
A thought I'll always treasure.

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