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To Valsa George And Akhtar Jawad

There is great truth in the saying that great minds think alike.
And it's seen in your lovely poems which is much to my delight.

Your eyes can clearly perceive what others find hard to see,

Poetry Everywhere

There is poetry in the air and everywhere even in a stringy hair,
But it has to be in rhythm and rhyme then everyone can share.
This I'd been trying to do in spite of many obstacles in the way,
My heart was filled with desire but my thoughts they always stray.

The Vagrant-Autumn

In the prime of his life yet with just a wasted frame
Clad in tattered clothing but he was long immune to shame
Unruffled he would sit while passing pedestrians stared
Munching on a stale loaf, which another tramp had shared

Perspective From A Worm

When I went to bed last night I dreamed I was a worm,
Beneath the ground in fertile soil happily I did roam.
In a world where there was no caste, class or creed,
Devoid of wicked deeds or sinister thoughts to breed.

Mother's Day

To all the kindly mothers who had made the sacrifice
May your day be filled with joy and oh! so very nice
And all you fathers reading this, do not be dismayed
Just hug your lovely spouses for all the happy days

Valentine At Seventy (Humour)

Do not send me a bouquet red
Of fragrant roses which I dread
I will forget to water them
Then you will frown and say ahem!

Malaysia-The Ninth Of May

The sun broke through with a hopeful gleam
As a country woke to realize a dream
To rid the state of a ruinous blight
Which had for long, been wielding their might

The Beggar Man

There is much pity when we see a beggar man
Others who see him and are filled with contempt
But if we were to see things their way if we can
It will not be anything like you have ever dreamt

What Shall I Write

What shall I write
‘Ere the restless sun unveils the morn
With vapours still o'er a placid lake

Limerick-The Tippler

There was this tippler from Kashmir
Who spent all his time drinking beer
Needed a place to pee
Where others cannot see

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