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Lopamudra Mishra, is a budding contemporary writer.

Basically she is a poet, translator, and a short story writer.Her poems and stories reflect her love for the society. The unusual vibrancy makes her poems very appealing. She is fast emerging as a poet of sense and sensibility. She completed her master’s from Ravenshaw university and graduatio ...

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Beautiful blend of expression of feelings with the composition which rains the music to dance

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Subhas Chandra Chakra 30 August 2017

Lopamudra's poems are unique, full in all aspects and reflects her mastery over choice of words. I had a feeling of love at the first sight as I went through only two poems. I aim at reading more of her. Thanks Ma'am for the poems.

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The Best Poem Of Lopamudra Mishra

Best Friends

Holding each other's hand together and entuned in the same thought;
they are on a long evening stroll.
Engrossed and enjoying each other's company heartily,
as if long lost friends met year after.
Unperturbed by the hum-drums of the path.
His masterly story telling skill oscillates
many dolorous thoughts to invigorating news around.
Ageing made him inconsequential near his own siblings,
he pours out life's mountainous experience to her.
Little could she understand,
merges herself with his fancier and importunate words.
His amicable gestures erases the barrier of age difference
Together they built a friendly relation of 'BEST FRIENDS'
She is his darling popsy(grand daugther)
He is the most loving person to her..
very dearer than her other dear ones..
They are true to heart and open to feelings emotionally attached,
who atleast spends with him and enjoys his company..
Together they are on a long evening stride...

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Lopamudra Mishra Popularity

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