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If I were a Starlit Night
I would paint the sky
In darkest light


There was A Cat left in a house
Whose occupants long gone
He comes and goes
With spotted nose

There was a Nazi Sauer-Kraut
Who darted venon all about
A slimy reptile....alittle man
He slithered slovenly

One rose stood in my window
Facing the world through it's pane
Gazing with magical wonder
To where in the heavens it came

Images swimmimg upon the wall
Faceless phantoms large and small
Dancing lights from candle glow
Magically moving to and fro


My song of time a soundless hymn
Like weeping rain against the wind
I'll sail along a sea of space
and weave a crown of moonlit lace

A melancholy song
A solitary sigh
Sorrows sung so mournfully
Of fleeting days gone by

They wallowed for a stricken minute
More in the blood and mud
Helpless they tried to stand, gagging
Hauled by their wrists crawling to dry sand

I will think of you when the curtain is drawn
Like rays of sunlight that crescent the dawn
Like breezes that cool the silence of night
Whispering meaning to secrets of life

Crimson sun
Sinking slowly as day is done
Rainbow luster of golden red
Sail the sky far overhead

Letting go of yesterday
Memories slip and drift away
Like breezes through an open door
Quickly felt and felt no more

I prefer to be a dreamer and roam among the stars
On moonlit nights with dancing lights that twinkle near and far
I'll close my eyes and drift away like whispers in the wind
To touch the sky and feel the earth and listen there within

Your eyes of love
Your sweetest light
Grow ever strong and shine as bright
Like waves of passion that fill my soul

Is there anyway I could express
What you mean to me
And how much I love you
I don't think that is possible

Is there anyway I could ever express
What you mean to me
And how much I love you
Je` Faire Ne` Pas Penser Possible`

The Best Poem Of Louise Bizzari

A Starlit Night

If I were a Starlit Night
I would paint the sky
In darkest light

Splashing heaven in veiled disguise
To shadow dusk from mornings rise
Like jeweled beads upon a sea
Of rushing waves in tapestry
That splatter garland in colors bold
Of quickened silver and whitened gold

Moonbeams strung would drape each star
To blend what's near and blend what's far
Each velvet dropp of star and light
In dotted waves of day and night
Would catch each tear upon your face
That broke and split without a trace

Against the moons transparent veil
Where footprints mark its celestial trail
In silent sorrows ephemeral grace
The rise and fall of human race
To those that profit in affliction
To reap no truth or wise conviction
But empty praise and muddled diction

Not handed wave or handed open
To gaze upon the cruelty spoken
Of shattered sadness
And scattered madness
Of fleeting hours
And sleeping sorrows

The gilded beauty's soul is keeping
Murmur of her thoughts are weeping:
'If I were a Starlit Night
I would paint the sky
In darkest light'

Louise Bizzari Comments

Herbert Nehrlich1 04 March 2005

I find your poetry suboptimal, your mental state questionable and your general demeanour on P/H of such pathetic juvenile anger that I am hereby inviting you to try your luck elsewhere. If you think that your 'poetry' will keep you here, I know you are mistaken. To me, you sound like a disgruntled Jew (no racial slur intended) who has not a chip on her shoulder but a load of manure of questionable origin. Perhaps professional help would be the thing. H

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long gone 09 April 2005

Having read through your work tonight, there is a lot of talent on display. Ignore the Herbert's of this world, they never got anywhere and they don't want you to. God bless, and keep up the good work.

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Mary Nagy 28 March 2005

I think it's obvious by some of your 'attention' you've received you are an enormous talent here. Some may not like the competition.....I hope you stay here at P/H and share more of your wonderful poetry. Not all people here are angry and mean. Sincerely, Mary

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Louise Bizzari, wondering when you'll be posting some more of your poems?

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. Louise, I like your poetry, and find it refreshing. I like a person to speak their mind as you do. Anyone can cater to a person's ego, but you tell it like it is. Never be afraid to speak your mind, no mater what others might say, and remember it isn't always the quantity of poetry one writes, but the quality of each poem that really matters. Your 13 poems are great, and even better than my 85 poems.

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Herbert Nehrlich1 04 March 2005

Forgot to ask: Is the reason that you do not list your biography that you do not have one worth mentioning? H

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