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Bread Of Life

My spirit hungers for the Bread of Live,
Only found in You,
My thirst is for the Living Water,
Given as only You can do,

Step By Step

Life can be a long, hard journey,
Sometimes the trail may be rough,
The climb from valley to mountaintop,
Requires character proven tough,


Before a farmer can sow his seed,
it will take many hours of his toil,
Removing rocks, stumps, and weeds
culivating to make ready the soil,

Alone, Silent, And Still

When the heart is broken
no matter what the reason be,
Tears can cloud the vision
causing the eyes not to see,

God's Telephone Number

Call unto me and I will answer you,
Seek my guidance in all that you do,
Big or small, no matter the task,
If you will but come and prayerfully ask,

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I am now living in So. Lawrence, Massachusetts.
I have been writing for a long time mostly about
my childhood and family customs. This was for benefit
of our children and grandchildren. I also have
Christian writings in story and poetry. All my
writings, I dedicate to the Lord Jesus Christ.
May every word bring glory to His name.

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