Lucy Burrow Poems

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Jacky Frost

When Summers blue sky fades to grey
And swiftly ends the shortening day,
When coldness takes the flowers away
Ill dance the dance of winter!

The Call Of Duty

Bravest men we hailed them then
England sent her finest men
The war to end all wars to fight
A cause each one believed was right

Voice In The Wilderness

'Voice of a Wildebeast? ' she said......
She sort of spat it out
Her lined brow furrowed

Battlefield Tree

I’m the tree on the battlefield – a pitiful sight
I watch as the bullets fly to left and to right
I’m the tree that’s watched blood flow from every man’s heart
I’m the tree on the battlefield, half blown apart.

On A May Evening

Daylight's twinkling eye now firmly shuts
And busy bird's nestmaking labours still.
Now all the land takes diff'rent hues of night
And hungry owl-call tones are heard to shrill;


Summer is coming I hear the wind whisper
Tales of new seasons now waltz in the breeze
Daffodils dancing and bluebells are waking
And new leaves are sprigging on every tree

The Earth Mother

Mother Earth she tends and keeps me on the path that’s right and true
Sends me blossoms soft as satin painted each and ev’ry hue
Tall Oaks and Ash and Willow, Elders, Chestnut and the Thorn
These, my brothers and my sisters - and I’ve seen each one being born!

The Autumning

A cloud streaked sky of azure blue
Canopies the dampened ground
Where Autumnal leaves of every hue
Are windswept piles the children found

Mothers Prayer Against The Bullies

She leaves
For another day of
Sharpened claws,
Twisted by opinion,

All Is Quiet On The Western Front

The birds that sang to bring forth the day
Have spread their wings and swiftly flown away...
And the sun that rose to greet the dawn
Brought the sight of something really quite forlorn.

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