All Is Quiet On The Western Front Poem by Lucy Burrow

All Is Quiet On The Western Front

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The birds that sang to bring forth the day
Have spread their wings and swiftly flown away...
And the sun that rose to greet the dawn
Brought the sight of something really quite forlorn.
I saw a landscape littered with the blood
Of those fine young men now lost for good
As the light fades, guns fall silent........
All is quiet......
On the Western Front.

The moon shines down on a barren land
Where once tall forests used to proudly stand.
I see soldiers lying frightened and undone,
Laying low at the setting of the sun.
Oh Mothers! weep not for your bravest sons,
For they really are the chosen ones.
One by one their guns fall silent.........
All is quiet......
On the Western Front.

Ground that bore a verdant pasture new
Now bears bodies, broken, bent and all askew.
Poisoned earth lies naked and undone,
She is barren, nature's dying, nature's gone!
No men left to work at the field and the plough,
Who will love our dearest Mother, my Earth, now?
As the rattling guns fall silent.......
All is quiet........
On the Western Front

Ernestine Northover 11 November 2005

That really is so right for remembrance, Lucy, you've got a lovely poignant feeling there. Lovely read. Sincerely Ernestine

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Marcy Jarvis 11 November 2005

a good theme poem for the day! I wouldn't normally look up war poetry but I was intrigued by it at several places today.

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Kelly Allen Vinal 11 November 2005

Doesn't get much better than this! Excellent verse!

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Caliban's Dream 11 November 2005

fantastic, so emotive and so hearfelt, love it

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Lucy Burrow

Lucy Burrow

Nigeria, West Africa
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