On A May Evening Poem by Lucy Burrow

On A May Evening

Rating: 5.0

Daylight's twinkling eye now firmly shuts
And busy bird's nestmaking labours still.
Now all the land takes diff'rent hues of night
And hungry owl-call tones are heard to shrill;
Then, out across the lonely darkness, faint.....
At first, then louder, roaring wild.....
I hear the sea, a-calling me to play!
Like holidays, when I was just a child
And, musing in my middle years, I smile
For, now I live where holidays were spent
And take for granted gifts of sea and sun and air
Which, as a child for just two weeks were lent...
And, in that moment, listening to the night,
A voice within me now begins to sing
A song of thanks for riches fair as these
That gold and silver riches cannot bring.

Ratnakar Mandlik 12 January 2016

A joyous song depicting blissful contentment bestowed by nature on human beings through it's colorful and enchanting manifestations. Thanks for sharing.10 points.

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Rajaram Ramachandran 30 November 2005

A song of thanks for riches fair as these That gold and silver riches cannot bring. A good and happy finish-A contentment what gold and silver cannot bring!

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Joseph Daly 10 November 2005

Lucy, Another winner. I prefer the creation of man myself. The lit up oil refinery at Elmsmere Port at night, is, for me, one of the most beautiful sights imaginable. But as you suggest in your biography, thankfully we are different. It cannot detract from your incredible talent. I thought I had lost interest in the traditionalist approach but you have reminded me that when it is done well it is worth so much attention. Denis joe

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Ernestine Northover 26 October 2005

Now that is absolutely beautiful to read. That one is going on my favourites list for sure. Thanks. Sincerely Ernestine Northover

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Lucy Burrow

Lucy Burrow

Nigeria, West Africa
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