Springsong Poem by Lucy Burrow


Rating: 4.5

Summer is coming I hear the wind whisper
Tales of new seasons now waltz in the breeze
Daffodils dancing and bluebells are waking
And new leaves are sprigging on every tree

Hark! how the brook sings its song to the fishes
Tripping along in the dawn's golden rays
Leaping and dancing in joy at the dawning of
Summer, 'she's coming, she's coming', she says

May blossom peeping from every new branch, now
New dew like diamonds bedazzle the lawn
Soon, like confetti their blossoms will litter
Our lawns and our gardens as summer is born.

Sing now of swallows a-swooping and soaring
Borne on the mild winds of Africa's Plain
Drawn to their nests built in summers forgotten
To bring forth their babies fly back again

Joy to the ploughboy and joy to the farmer
Joy to the stranger - and you, all my friends
Let's raise a cup to the warm summer sunshine
And welcome the summer as old winter ends.....

Rajaram Ramachandran 30 November 2005

For every season there's a song from Lucy. This time Summer is given a warm welcome.

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Ernestine Northover 09 November 2005

Lucy, I thought this was absolutely beautiful, a perfect read. Well done indeed. Sincerely Ernestine

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Simon Whild 08 November 2005

This poem reminds me so much of Wordsworth - glorfying the wonders of nature and the coming of Summer. I shall make a point of reading this poem next April as I look out of the window.

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***** ********* 08 November 2005

A nice hail to summer Lucy, but you missed two seasons in between! lol you need an 'r' on the last winter. 9 from me. Smiling Tai

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Lucy Burrow

Lucy Burrow

Nigeria, West Africa
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