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I had a dream,
And you were there,
So real it seemed,
And without a care,

Stepped on the tail,
Of an english cat,
The kind that wears,
A gentleman's hat,

Every night, and every day,
Theres a man who waits to die,
Frail and thin, wrinkled and gray,
The waiting feels heavy to sigh,

It's him! It's him!
It's X-Ray Man!
Seeing through things,
With a simple scan,

'Amnesia, amnesia,
Forgetful me,
But who am I?
And where could I be? '

'Beheader, Beheader!
Off with his head!
He's mocked the Queen,
So, he should be dead! '

'Where has he gone?
Where did he go?
Could it be true?
I don't know',

Unsaid words,
Hold such power,
And they get stronger,
With every hour,

That happy, fun clown,
He's so full of joy,
With giggles and laughs,
From the girls & the boys,

Up in the sky,
A star so bright,
I shall make a wish,
On this cold night,

They traveled abroad,
Mistakes were made,
Stuck in the snow,
Becoming afraid,

He sits alone,
The disposable man,
He lives on the streets,
Cursed & damned,

At twilight's time,
It's time for bed,
It's time to sleep,
So rest your head,

You lumpish man,
You're jolly & merry,
You're still happy,
Despite what you carry,

The rat is nimble,
The rat is quick,
A snitch's symbol,
The rat sure is,

Meet your wonder,
Meet your death,
I hold your future,
Your one last breath,

Spiraling down,
Down down down,
The spiral round,
I'm feeling the drown,

Thoughts in his head,
Hugging his knees,
Trapped in a room,
Oh, woe is he,

'A hermit, I am,
I live on my own,
Here, in my hovel,
I sit on my throne, '

Cozy in bed,
Late at night,
Hearing a noise,
He crept in fright,

The Best Poem Of Maddy Jones

A Dream Within

I had a dream,
And you were there,
So real it seemed,
And without a care,

To me you confessed,
Your feelings unknown,
There was nothing to guess,
On the love you had shown,

And then I awaken,
From the dream within,
But I was not shaken,
For I woke with a grin,

And then I see you,
And how you see me,
But I wonder your view,
In this reality?

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Maddy Jones Popularity

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