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Well, there really isn't much I can say except, poetry is my voice. I write what I can't say and it helps me get my feelings out. I hope you enjoy my work.

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Sofiul Azam 31 July 2005

Your poems are impressive. You are more mature than anyone your age. We are worlds apart but sharing our feelings with readers here on the same site.

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The Best Poem Of Madeline Fazio

I Wish That I Knew, Perhaps…

I sit here and wait
On the calendar I make this date
What, you ask, am I waiting for?
I wish that I knew, perhaps it’s my fate

Blankly, I stare at my ceiling
So numb and without any sense of feeling
Why, you ask, have I become so dead?
I wish that I knew, perhaps it’s my way of healing

My soul feels so damaged and bare
You played with my heart without a care
When, you ask, will I be free again?
I wish that I knew, perhaps I won’t share

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Madeline Fazio Popularity

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