Madeline Fazio Poems

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I Wish That I Knew, Perhaps…

I sit here and wait
On the calendar I make this date
What, you ask, am I waiting for?
I wish that I knew, perhaps it’s my fate

Won'T Deny It

Love is such a bittersweet emotion
You spend your life looking for it
No matter how much you deny it
It's like a threatening potion

Nothing I Can Do

I thought I was finally free of the horrid place
But now I sit here once again
Going crazy because there is nothing
I can do

It's Been A Week Now

It’s been a week now
Since I last heard from you
I thought that it would be easier to go on
If I never saw your name again

From My Lips To Your Ears

There are so mant thoughts inside my head
so many feelings,
There's almost no room for them to settle


If the eyes are the windows to the soul
Why can't you see the anguish
with each glance that passes your way

It's In Your Hands

You’ve done it again
You just left me with no goodbye
Not another was spoken
Only the sound of the door slamming

Can You Sense The Sarcasm

I love that feeling
When you are sitting down
Reading, or typing on the computer
And your get so heavy that you

My First

It’s happened
I’ve finally joined the ranks of my peers
I waited patiently wishing for the day that it would happen
And thankfully my waiting was not a waste of time


I don't understand
Why you love her more than me
I am standing here in front of you
Ready to give my self to you

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