Madhabi Banerjee

Madhabi Banerjee Poems

1. O My Love 4/26/2015
2. What Is Red, What Is Black 4/27/2015
3. In My Childhood Days 4/30/2015
4. কন্যা[daughter] 5/7/2015
5. কৃতজ্ঞতা/Gratude 5/12/2015
6. Gratitude 5/13/2015
7. আমি কবি 7/12/2015
8. মেয়ে 8/10/2015
9. দোকান দারির হিসাব নিকাস 8/10/2015
10. মা 8/11/2015
11. After Defeat 8/12/2015
12. The Old Lady 8/14/2015
13. Come Hither 8/15/2015
14. জটিল কেস 8/17/2015
15. Love 8/18/2015
16. A Man Of Empty Stomach 8/18/2015
17. Golden Harvest 8/18/2015
18. এ লড়াই জেতার লড়াই 8/21/2015
19. যুদ্ধ 8/22/2015
20. Battle 8/23/2015
21. উন্নতির সোপান 8/25/2015
22. We Are All Worker 8/30/2015
23. ছেলেটি আর ঘরে ফিরল না 8/30/2015
24. ছেলেটা আমার মানুষ হয়েছে 9/1/2015
25. রাগী দৈত্য The Beast Of Fear 9/2/2015
26. ও আমাদের ছিল 9/4/2015
27. তুষারাবৃত সাঁজে ঘন বনানীতে অবতরণ 9/5/2015
28. মেয়েলি কাজ 9/7/2015
29. Le Rouge Et Le Noir 9/21/2015
30. কেন পড়বো মার্কস্ 9/21/2015
31. অবিরাম তৃষ্ণার কাছাকাছি 9/22/2015
32. মাথা 9/24/2015
33. To An Anxious Mother 9/26/2015
34. Sita 8/19/2015
35. মায়া অ্যাঞ্জেলু : : কোটি মানুষের কবিতা মিছিল 8/19/2015
36. Pour Toi Mon Amour 11/1/2015
37. একালের ছেলেবেলা 11/24/2015
38. দাসের স্বপন(Bengali Version) The Slave's Dream By H.W, Longfellow ' 11/25/2015
39. ভোরের স্পন্দন(Bengali Version Of Maya Angelou's Onthe Pulse Of Morning 11/26/2015
40. মা আর দুটো ভাত দেবে..এ 12/3/2015

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  • Mahtab Bangalee Mahtab Bangalee (2/15/2019 12:20:00 AM)

    Madhabi Banerjee-

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  • Kumarmani Mahakul Kumarmani Mahakul (1/11/2019 2:15:00 PM)

    Madhabi Banerjee is a very kind and nice multi-talented poetess who has gained broader fame in poetry writing. I have read many of her poems and I am deeply touched by her kind poetic words. She writes poems in both Bangla and English. Her each poem is a gem and carries deep philosophic meaning. I am astonished finding deep essence in her each poem. I love reading her Bangla poems. For her literary perseverance I am wishing her all the best. May God bring happiness for her!

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  • Rips Dasss (7/10/2016 2:34:00 PM)

    খুবি ভালো লেখা তোমার ঠাম্মি।

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Best Poem of Madhabi Banerjee

Hide And Seek

It was funny in my childhood to be missing.
Hardly anyone is there who is never lost
Hardly anyone is there who has never l come back.
Likewise playing such hide and seek game
We are grown.
Last year the school building was drifting away in the flood water
Crops over flown and destroyed because of whirlpool.
And the blood was shed abundantly in the huts
Recently a few girls were secretly sent to the occident
And suddenly a violent outbreak of cholera depopulated the villages.
Seeing the green leaf on the alluvium land
We are recognized ...

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Once I met a man.
He was gentle,
He was modest
He was expert, he was honest
An elegant figure
I asked him'art thou the famous mr....'
He gazed at me but answered me not
Again I questioned'art thou the widely renowned mr...'
He remained unmoved yet.

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