Madhabi Banerjee

Madhabi Banerjee
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Madhabi Banerjee Quotations

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  • ''যদি পড়বোই মার্কস লেনিন যদি জানবোই সমবন্টনের সীমানা
    তবে তো আর কাঠের পুতুলের মতো সুতোর টানে নাচবো না।।''
    কেন পড়বো মার্কস
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  • ''দুজনেই যদি একটু করে
    ছাড়ত পাড়ত, ছাড়তে জানত
    তবে তো ছাড়াছাড়ির জন্য
    এতটা কষ্ট করতেই হতোনা।।''
    জটল কেস
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  • ''Mother told me ‘as and when where you stay
    that is your world, take it easy
    And be happy in this world, and smile always, my child'''
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  • ''I will enter into a new world
    There is no diversity.
    This world is my own world.''
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  • ''it is a stion
    Relatives and friends who come to bid adieu
    They return their home Because
    They have also to make necessary arrangement
    For a journey sometime later.''
    it is a stion
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Comments about Madhabi Banerjee

  • Mahtab Bangalee (2/15/2019 12:20:00 AM)

    Madhabi Banerjee-

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  • Kumarmani Mahakul (1/11/2019 2:15:00 PM)

    Madhabi Banerjee is a very kind and nice multi-talented poetess who has gained broader fame in poetry writing. I have read many of her poems and I am deeply touched by her kind poetic words. She writes poems in both Bangla and English. Her each poem is a gem and carries deep philosophic meaning. I am astonished finding deep essence in her each poem. I love reading her Bangla poems. For her literary perseverance I am wishing her all the best. May God bring happiness for her!

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  • Rips Dasss (7/10/2016 2:34:00 PM)

    খুবি ভালো লেখা তোমার ঠাম্মি।

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Best Poem of Madhabi Banerjee


We had Goldfish
And they circled around and around
In a round bowl of glass on the table.
My mother told me ‘always be happy and keep smiling as they are'
In the whirlpool of life, I saw, sometimes my mother was melancholy.
Then she stood before the glass bowl, gazing at the goldfish
If she noticed me that I observed her
she smiled to show me
‘Let's See how a man be happy'
It was saddest smile ever I saw in my life
Coming from vast ocean to a small bowl
the goldfish remained indifferent
This bowl was their own world
Mother told me ‘as and ...

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