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If by any chance you remember me:
my embrace,
my smile,
The love we made,

Hoping, just hoping for a moment.

Don't you feel it, did you hear it?

Why do we pretend neither of us hurts?

All this hopelessness,

Be with me in day

Be with me tonight

As if life depended on it
I'm swaying back and forth
Heart pounding out my breast
Just no time to rest

Know it in my smile

See it in my eyes

In the darkness I searched,

only to be greeted by my shadow!

Lying awake in this bed alone,
The more I try, the harder it gets.
I just can't sleep!

Simple it may be
Honestly for me
Being here
Is the only place

A small hand looking for safety
A small child looking for a hug
A little girl looking to her father
Just wanting to be loved

Too many words surround my thoughts
So many things I want to say
Too many tears surround my face
So sad it has to be this way

As I walked home the other day
I thought of you
I remembered how much I'd lived when next to you
I suddenly felt like that naive girl

Open your eyes and take it all in
There's beauty around you
Even within

Pay close attention to those who lurk in the shadows
They sit and wait for any small flaw in your relationship in order to try and destroy it
They compliment, move in and think they have won
When in reality the only achievement reached is that of their own destruction

How could it be
I didn't see
I was so blind
Why did you have to hurt me

A soul once filled with happiness and trust
Now filled with so much doubt and pain
A soul once sheltered by light and love
Now broken, shattered, clouded by the rain

That was but a speck of our lives
Why dwell on such minuscule situations
Yes we've hurt
Yes we still care


It took me a while to see
How the loneliness overtook all of me
No Love
No Trust


I broke and found myself facing a darkness
Lonely and afraid I realized I had two choices
I let myself disappear
Or I shine

It's all a haze...I dont remember were you went.
All I do remember is your warmth, your touch.
A touch so animalistic it set my heart ablaze.
What I feel is an ache, an endless crave.

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Born in Ponce, Puerto Rico and moved to Massachusetts at an early age of 8. I didn't learn to speak English until I was a teenager and even then it was pretty awful. I was riddled with anxiety due to being in a foreign place where I didn't speak the language and that is when I started writing. What started as emotions and feelings, later turned into poetry. I would go to my journal and write down how much I missed home or how different it was being here in the United States. As I grew older I fell in love, and later had my heart broken... I even broke some hearts along the way and I found a greater passion for writing down about those events, those feelings. Now I find it to be part of my life. I can't go without jotting down every emotion, betrayal, passionate moment! This is my art I welcome constructive critique and appreciate the time you take reading my art.)

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If by any chance you remember me:
my embrace,
my smile,
The love we made,
The smell of my skin,
The secrets we shared,
Promises made,
The way we held hands,
Then know this;
It was all but a dream!
For you were too blind,
I just too young,
You were just greedy,
And I of course needy.
Needy for something that could never be!
In my mind I would think of how it should, In reality I was shown that it never could!
But most importantly...
In my heart I knew that it just simply put, Never Would Be!

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