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when I act like I'm not
Don't believe me.
I change everyday,
I'm nothing that you can

I cant think of you
I can only think of the love.
the love
the love

She said to me that he had
'bought her undone',
that she was no longer the same person.
I looked into her eyes for the longest time.


I was going to unlock the dark chasm of anger
from the tiny dungeon in my heart,
but before I set the appointed time
I found that the dragons had decided to fly free

My baby is leaving home today,
it was only twenty years ago
that she came into the world.
A tiny angel

Yesterday, when we stopped almost
at the cliffs edge,
I told you that I had
been waiting for you.

The fan is buzzing with fuzzy
time and white space
and the electricity of tension
dry and barren with angst

Blue energy rich sheets screw up
around me,
Nausea grips the heart
with the impossible,

Outside an orange light and
silence hums,
except for you
cast into a background of

Around about now your next novelty
will have fallen flat.
You'll be staring into your own face again
and seeing an artist

If you really saw me
time would stand still
and you'd forget about there being an end.

Arriving back from my travels,
I'm still with me,
all i ever was and shall be,
a myriad of history


My friend Gaz is a barman
of the old time.
Spreading joy to the multitudes,
the generations go past,

Trekking through the desert
with my clan
the heat of the sun warming
each cell.

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I Am Pure Love,

when I act like I'm not
Don't believe me.
I change everyday,
I'm nothing that you can
put your finger on.
I'm looking, even for myself.
What can you expect?
If you are my friend,
you will allow me to be what
I am.
I'm pure love,
on a journey.
Don't believe the rest.
Though i have walked through
lifetimes of pain, anger, regret
and violence
I'm none of these.
Those are not things I am.

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