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Traveling Man

I must travel this road for I have messages to give,
To make mankind a little better because of me,
To make someone ponder, someone thoughtfully sad,
someone contritely cries, someone dares to say sorry,
Someone hopes, someone changes, someone does care,
Or someone still doesn't care.

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Thoughts Hardnessed

Don't let yout thoughts run wild,
Compiled in hasty mind they could form untamed, raging ocean waves;
They can become undistiguished, confused, making soul depraved.
Entangled thoughts resemble intellectual tools in a disorganized tool box;
Thoughts should be procured under strong lock and key;
Thoughts should be kept under watchful eyes formed by principle or belief;
Orderly conceived, planted, discerned to blossom
Into most noble, edifiable, or pleasant expressions,
To lift up, n

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