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I must travel this road for I have messages to give,
To make mankind a little better because of me,
To make someone ponder, someone thoughtfully sad,
someone contritely cries, someone dares to say sorry,

How beautiful is the love of a mother,

The love shown not only in words but more than in words - in care, in look, in all her concerns, in her worries, in hugs, in kisses, in all things untold.

Don't sell yourself short.
Ask, dig deep inside and again try;
For one day, looking back, you shall see how far you have achieved.

I am the Soul of your soul
The supreme God to be extolled of your every moment
Like being shy, I prefer to be hidden to be discovered as exquisite fragrance
Affronted by fear to appear as forcing upon you

I want to offer you my undivided attention;
No run-away thoughts, no astray glance;
Gently, not angry, no rush, no other matters at hand.
Like two hands right and left, just you, your peace, your well-being, you alone on this earth.

Turn your will facing the highest good;
Falsehood despise, aim for perfection.
God is love; therefore, love should inspire all actions;
Élans in life should so be harnessed.

When soul judges, he first exhibits a strong dislike, the negative nature
Of his thought or repugnant emotion upon the one he abhors;
He carries no compassion, benevolent thought, nor good will,
To assist, to admonish, to correct, to point others to the direction of the just and rightful.

Be at peace to be in communion with God.
Flawed yourself, then forgive others, don't commit anger.
With fervor, pray for your enemies while you suffer.
Linger not any earthly things or carnal desires.

Lord, I need Your presence now more than ever
I need it for clear thinking, composing, writing, work, prayers.
My heart no longer senses You, but my mind knows that You're always here,
In my heart for You never have left me alone.

I have longed to compose poetry to condense my love,
All my love into the most beautiful expressions for God.
I used to wish I was the second David, whose all love songs are inspired lauds.
Saddened, time after time, I have thrown my poetic writings away,

I love this hour of intimacy; all my thoughts seem to be Yours;
In adoration, my soul merges into Oneness with the Divine
How can I describe Your joy, my desire for our soul-heart Oneness, most benign and entwined?
Enshrining your love perpetually, Eucharist You had invented

I am willing and happy to spend the whole hour with you
Don't you believe at my offer? You're surprised?
Has anybody so kind ever passed by your walk of life?
Your wildness attracts me; your extreme poverty is an invitation for me to stay

Soul, when death comes to you, my friend,
Descend, will I come to greet you with my most delicate touch,
To welcome you into my kingdom, our home, with much
Much same way your earthly ones want to show someone that they love most;

One often wonders, what is the meaning of life?
A century-old pondering which needs to be defined.
What is the meaning of life?
A profound question or puzzle which daily stares at your face?

The most passionate but most elusive, secretive agent
Its main task is to engulf, consume, enflame;
The welfare of soul, it takes aim
It rises to conquer, to control, to permeate

Existential, empirical experiences are based on senses,
emotional observations, actual facts, all residual being which remains,
Served as the source of all knowledge's and intelligence gained
To get by in life to obtain social status, honor, earthly glory, and stardom.
Opposed to knowledge, seemingly related, but loftily highly elevated is Wisdom,

My sweet Lord,

May I forget the whole world to spend time in adoring you for a moment,
To reflect, to sing praise, to love, to be loved, to adorn

Soul, why are withering, why are you crying? You sob?
Your goodness and charm have been touching many hearts
Your gracious poems on life and love, your comforting upliting answers have won many souls;
For that, you were grateful and rejoicing at times.

First to all, I apologize to all of my friends for displaying my personal problem in this forum which is meant to be shared by all for our love of poetry.

I have recently visited other poetry sites but I can say that I only enjoy and feel comfortable here. But I have an personal romantic issue That I have to deal with, and so sorry to get you all involved in it.

Soul has not kept her words of Truth
Sleuthing of heart, fallen, sunken lower than yesterdays
Despise herself, soul in disarray
Drifting away, she confesses in sorrow

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Traveling Man

I must travel this road for I have messages to give,
To make mankind a little better because of me,
To make someone ponder, someone thoughtfully sad,
someone contritely cries, someone dares to say sorry,
Someone hopes, someone changes, someone does care,
Or someone still doesn't care.

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