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Mark R. Slaughter is a retired biological scientist who took up poetry to challenge his written skills. He undertakes commissions and collaborative projects, for which details are available on his website Examples include 'Liquid Rooms', a large-scale work for orchestra and soprano by the Danish composer Karsten Fundal premier ...

Mark R Slaughter Poems

It's Death Again

It's Death again - He's always there -
Watching, waiting - e'er the stare!
Every time I look behind
Or reach to pull the window blind,

'Alone! ' I Cried

'Alone! ' I cried again.
'Alone I am with me!
Lonely in a world of mist
Alone, I reach to touch your wrist

Bitter Blow Of Love

Love! you dealt a bitter blow –
You lay me cross the mortal plains,
Bedewed, bedimmed amongst a show
Of tearful clouds: eternal rains

Apparition Of A Butterfly

Upon a fuzzy vista – vision blurred –
I tried to focus; nothing ever solid
Came to view, but undeterred, I blinked
An eye to try again. Through the mist

A Drink

With glass, I am a man – or so I think! –
A role to play when blessed with courtly drink:
A gin or two, then vintage port or wine
To pep me up and gift me with a shine.

Mark R Slaughter Comments

Jacob Ousley 11 April 2012

it's death again is a good poem

49 27 Reply
Joyce Msonda 03 August 2012

Your writing is sensational. You have an amazing sense of detail in the most complex way. It's beyond excellence :)

52 20 Reply
Godfrey Morris 31 July 2012

You have an unconventional style in conveying thoughts which is very effective.

42 24 Reply
Christine S. Locke 04 April 2011

I just love your writing, beautifully written and inspiring! The depth I read in these poems makes me want to pick up a pen and fly away. Please put your poetry in a book, I swear I would buy it. Keep it up sir, you are incredible!

33 27 Reply
Paul Mwenelupembe 12 November 2012

The world to day needs well established writers as you are, would you mind if I invite you to my poems? I have Rythm of the day as my new poem. Your comments are highly respected and welcomed with regards

29 20 Reply
Melikhaya Zagagana 21 October 2014

you are the master poet and yet to be and again.

5 12 Reply
Onzia Dan 06 October 2014

woow! your words can move a mountain In me and they are very inspirational

5 9 Reply
Onzia Dan 01 October 2014

you have left me speech less.

6 7 Reply
Dan Reynolds 09 June 2014

Re Heaven. Bloody love it Mark. The repetition is well-thought out, the lyricism is truly poetic. But I feel as if you've been watching me in my garden.; ¬) Next time, I'll go cross ways instead of parallel.

5 13 Reply

excellent poems. you are great in explaining your feels

8 9 Reply