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My name is Godfrey George Morris. I am a teacher by profession. I love to explore my world with verse, to make my imaginable expressions, brought to life. This I try to do by breathing life into words and live vicariously through them.

It is my ambition to become an authentic poet. I am most influenced by the works of William Shakespeare, who w ...

Godfrey Morris Poems

Seek And Find

Life hides secrets to find

Seek its truths and be refined

I Stand

Though hatred rages against this noble heart
With its deadly griping piercing claws
Yet will I stand to face the green-eyed beast
Standing against such infinite odds

Why I Write?

My child you ask me why

And so I give a sure reply

Hold On - Be Strong

There stands a tree! That dogged tree

that clings ever firmly by the raging sea


Life is precious

A gem on the sands of shores.

Godfrey Morris Quotes

24 November 2014

love is the most powerful weapon we have but will we ever us it

21 January 2016

Time is one of life most Precious commodity. One that is needed to Find the true self

13 May 2017

We must not live only for Ourselves For while we live Others die for us To live

22 May 2017

We don't live in a perfect world But we can strive to claim Our own perfection.

28 June 2017

Criticism is easier made Than solutions.

Godfrey Morris Comments

Susan Lacovara 16 February 2015

I thank you for visiting my words...I appreciate your generous comments. I shall delve deeper into your shared poetry, as I anticipate wonderful writes. PEACE through poetry....

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Robert Roberts 25 July 2012

you words are from the heart and it is that which makes and great poet and my brother you are one of the best my deepest thanks for all you words

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Yusuf Salihu 04 July 2012

Dear poem pal, thanks 4 d inspiring comment on my poems. ur poems are timely, attached wit events around us.

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Medht Ghussn 17 June 2012

If the Life hides secretswe must find it

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