My Mind Poem by Mashiur Rahman

My Mind

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My mind is restless, moving and flying...

My mind goes from the present age to the dark age, from the prehistoric age to the ancient age, from the middle age to the modern age and also to the next future age...

My mind wanders from the pyramids of Egypt to the Fixing Gardens, sometimes from the English Channel to the Taj Mahal in Agra, sometimes from the Statue of American Independence to the feet of the Greek Sun-god.

Sometimes my mind takes in the fresh air and so goes from the Great Wall of China to the shores of Tam and also to the waterfall Niagara or the Sydney Opera.

My mind ever enjoys the view of Sunrise and Sunset in the Sahara Desert and also Cox's Bazar beach.

The mind sometimes travels between the planets in the galaxy and Ursa, sometimes also goes to different stars and go to the far distance...

I play with white snow in the Kashmir and also with white bears and penguins in Antarctica.

Sometimes my mind gets tired, relaxes in the shade of the trees, lies in the cottage and drinks to cool down.

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Captain Cur 25 January 2021

An adventurous write full of imagery, history and perspective.

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Mashiur Rahman 23 April 2022

Thank you to read out my poem

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Mashiur Rahman

Mashiur Rahman

Naogaon, Bangladesh
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