Mashiur Rahman Poems

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By Your Touched

The waking bird's chipping of first morning
The eastern sky is painted the sun is rising
The soft fresh beauty is laid on flower
Light of the Sun dancing on the shower

Loving Touch

I'm losing everything in love
Crying silently, to touch the heavenly feeling of true love.

Now my situation is,

In My World

In my World, Everyone will eat
Everyone will get clothes
Everyone will have a house to stay
In my world, Everyone will have equal rights


I will die
you will die
We will die
We will stay alone


We are running entire life is the game
For specific time with individual name
Are circling from one in equal chain
Day and night come again and again..

We Are Alone

We are alone in our own selves
We are all alone with each other,
Like an isolated island in the sea of ‚Äč‚Äčlife.

My Mind

My mind is restless, moving and flying...

My mind goes from the present age to the dark age, from the prehistoric age to the ancient age, from the middle age to the modern age and also to the next future age...

The Beauty Of Heaven

The yellow flowers hold their necks
and smile in the mustard field
The swarming bees swarmed and singing
The rays of sunlight touch the sweetness

Good & Evil

I don't see anything
Again I can see everything
but have to see something

Joy Bangla

Wake up sun
Wake up sky
Wake up all the birds
Wake up all the flowers on the green leaves

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