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She was born, barely survived...but never really.....

'i am all alone tonight...
my heart is aching
restless is my head
half the world is sleeping
the other half is dead.
all of them are resting
who will tuck me in bed? '

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Raindreamer Hippy 03 May 2008

A lot of your poems really express my feelings also. They've gotten me/ are getting me through bad times. Thank You

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Sharena Kelley 07 March 2008

this poem reminds me of my life and how i feel sometimes

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Broken Trust

If only i'd understand your true intent...
but with a broken trust, was it all meant?
I always think we'd make it to the end
started believing, tried to comprehend
but here you are flaunting your escapades
completely forgotten I watched love fades
broken trust this heart will never mend
all these pain wielded inside my head....

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maya crisol Popularity

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