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Smile(d) big for the love(d) of my life.
Seeing is deceiving.


Am I the apple of your eye?
Or the core of your heart?
Perhaps the maggots in the compost under the sink.
I do not know,

I dreamt of you last night,
a vivid, whirling pool of emotion.
I asked you if you hated me,
we were laying on the grass,


Must it have been so?
It's what I'd like to know,
Before the first snow,
Then I needn't let it show.

Why did you pick me?

The flaw in your

I dreamt of you past nights,
the worst whirlpool of emotion.
I was at the center,
I ordered food,

'We dance to the same groove, but I got the right move.'
& I know you know it.
Feel complete?
Drunken stupor, nights in bed, grocery work the next morning.

Milling about.
I want to know where they're all headed
from my discreet latte'd perch.


Would that I could banish you from my mind.
For you've done no wrong, and I am afraid that I will.
You've been all love, and

The blank page.
It calls out to me,
wondering why things happened the way they did,
or for what reason.

We don't see.

I pick up my pen, but the ink is frozen within it.
How can I write when the ink has left me,
When the colors of the earth are far and subdued?
It’s not for lack of trying – but nothing comes out the way I’ve planned.


Halt -
No crossroads here.
I could go back to where I couldn't pick.
To where signs were plentiful.

To what benefit was this?

What life decision?

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Every day will have a theme She shall continue the avocado-fests of her youth Drink tequila in the early afternoon Have converse in a myriad of colors And spend her pension on the tackiest of costume jewelry She will uphold the psychosis of her bogus youth Build forts in every possible location Have an active facebook page And make devious plans with her grandchildren)

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Smile(d) big for the love(d) of my life.
Seeing is deceiving.


... I really miss you.

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