Md. Anisur Rahman Likhon Poems

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Mother's Womb

Mother is heaven, but heaven is not mother,
Because mother is greater than heaven.
First time, mother's womb was heaven of her child,
Because no food is taken directly by it but he is alive.

My Trapped Life

In a boundary which is built by bricks and stone,
I am trapped in here, from morning until night.
I can’t come out from trapping life due to situation.
As if, I am in depths to depths which is dark.

Result Of Lust

A wide range of distorted forms of lust
Sometimes it’s light-shadow
Sometimes it’s pool of death.
Needless to say, “In greed is sin, in sin is death.”

Awake Up, You Awake Up.

Hello, Youngster,
Awake up, you awake up,
Protect the freedom of country.
Participate with fluidity,

Voice Of Mine

It’s a real
history of my life.
I have been writing poems
from childhood.

In Stage Of Life

Life is a struggle
So we need remain a goal.
World is a stage
So we will create a strong base.

Symbol Of Color

White color is a moment of Departure.
Orange color is a moment of Adventure.
Violate color is a symbol of philosophy.
Red color is a symbol in base of Energy.

A Real Friend

A real friend,
Fight for you when you in danger,
Respect you when you are elder.
Include you when you will be a volunteer.

My Love

I love you
My love has comes from heaven,
I love you
My love is one of the most lucky of seven.


One day at midnight,
A spooky sound was heard by me,
I did the work quickly,
Then I came down on stairs.

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