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An innocent boy leaving the lap of mom
Opened his fearful eyes in the war-trodden world
And asked in a depressed voice, 'Where have I come? '
I told him the name of earth.

You and me
Me and you
Grass and dew.

Forget me not,
Forget not me.
Forget day hot,
Keep night with thee.

How many poems you have written, o Tagore!
How many poems, o Jibanananda Das!
How many immortal pictures you have drawn, o Zainul!
How many songs you have composed, o Nazrul!

A rose has bloomed so far,
I get smell, can't see her.

A rose has bloomed so high,

Those who will read this poem composed in tears
After one hundred years;
Remember, this day of three twelves, we swore
We would love like no others loved before;

[Dedicated to the dead rivers of Bangladesh]

Once these paths were rivers,
These fields the processions of water.

I have forgotten her face once I loved.
I have forgotten her name once I recited in dream.

I am like a caged bird
Does not ever get tired
To find the way to fly
In the lovely blue sky.

Break down all the walls,
All the boundaries;
The whole world is a country
Where we live.

Sitting on the peak of mountain, whose face
Frequently I see; walking with my beloved
On the streets of Rome, whose words I remember;
Like a pet pigeon, to whom my heart and body

Birds have no country,
Fishes, no;
Rivers do not count Army or border.

It seems someone has cast a dark net
And the town has become a trout caught in that net;
It seems no morning has ever approached here, -
The town has sub-merged in an over-flowing darkness.

At midnight I go to bed:
Seep doesn't come.
In the air I hear the cry
Of the oppressed.

The foolish bird
Gets tired
Trying to go out of the blue sky;
It may go and go and will die

Let us move to that land
Where only flowers are cultivated,
Where gardens throughout the year
Remain full of flowers;

Abiding by the rules of health strictly,
He died at the age of 52.

His brother Kesmat Ali smoking punctually

Let others say whatever they wish;
Why didn't you say 'Love is not a sin'?
Why didn't you say standing for a while in the court of love.
'He who loves becomes a killer, a fire, a storm, a tidal surge;

If I forget you, Love,
No dove
Will sing in the forests;
All the sparrows, leaving their nests,

Do you tell me to set my roots into air?
Tell me, where had the procession of trees ever
Raised the slogan of storm and seized the blue sky
With their palms, being isolated from the soil?

Sayeed Abubakar Biography

Sayeed Abubakar is a Bengali poet, essayist, translator and Professor, laureate of Rock Pebbles International Award 2017. Born on September 21,1972 in Jashore district of Bangladesh, he is famous for his two epic-poems namely 'Mujibnama' (2018) and 'Nabinama' (2021) . 'Pronoyer Prathom Pap' (1996) is his most famous poetry-collection which is regarded as a master-piece in Bengali language. Literary Life: Sayeed Abubakar started composing poems at a very early age. He was only 11 then. Many of those poems were published in the local newspapers of Jashore and Khulna namely `The Daily Sphulingo', 'The Daily Ranar', 'The Daily Purbanchal', 'The Daily Janmabhumi' and so on. He used to compose 60 to 70 poems each day, for he was determined to defeat Rabindranath Tagore by the number of poems. Reason is that Rabindranath started composing poems at his 8 and he at his 11. It was a peculiar silly attempt of a young poet, no doubt, but it paved the path of his existence as a powerful poet for future. Later, he realized his mistake. But it helped him to be skilled both in rhymes and rhythm at the early stage of his life. His poem was first published in the Daily Ittefaq, the most popular newspaper of that time, in 1988. He was then a student of class XI at Govt. BL College in Khulna. While in Rajshahi University, he completed composing some of his best lyric-poems which were published in the most popular national newspapers and national literary journals such as the Ittefaq, the Sangbad, the Dainik Bangla, the Inqilab, the fortnightly Shoily, the fortnightly Palabadal, the Sachitra Bangladesh, the weekly Purnima, the weekly Robbar and so on. His first collection of poems `Pranoyer Prathom Pap' (First Sin of Love) was published in 1996. It drew the attention of the readers and made him popular as a poet. Now he has 15 collections of poetry to his credit: Pranoyer Prathom Pap (1996) Julekhar Shes Jal (2004) Sada Andhokarey Kalo Josnai (2006) Mesopotemiar Mme (2007) Bongetey Basoti (2008) Ebar Ektibar Eksathey (2010) Kapotakkha Parer Roddur (2012) Kagoj Kusum (2014) Tumi Balo Tumi Bristi Valobaso (2015) Shrestha Kabita (2015) Amar Kothao Jaoar Nei (2017) Mohakaler Kanya (2018) Mujibnama (2018) , an epic Tomar Prithibi Chalai Dosyura (2020) Nabinama (2021) , an epic Bangladesh (2022) His poems have been translated in many languages of the world such as English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Persian, Korean and Odia. He is a renowned Bengali essayist. 'Kabita Kamal' (2006) , 'Kabitar Adhunikata' (2011) , 'Sahityer Sat-Satero' (2018) and 'Sahityer Simana' (2023) are his four collections of essays. He is well-known as a great translator in Bangladesdh. It is he who first translated Madhusudan's English poems into Bengali language. He has familiarized many great poets of the world with Bengali readers and Bengali poets with world-readers through his translations. His his notable translations are: Modhusudoner Engreji Kabita (2009) The Golden Kabin (2010) Vinna Vasar Shrestha Golpo (2012) Nirbachito Bideshi Kabita (2018) Behester Bagan (2018) Modusudoner Engreji Sonnet (2023) He is the editor of 'Bangla Literature', the only English literary journal on Bengali literature in Bangladesh. He was conferred a number of literary awards for his contribution to literature such as: : Shabdoshilon Award 2008 Lalon Award 2009 Panjia Sahitya Sommelon Sommanona 2010 Utsanga Srijan Chintan Sammanona 2012 Sristishil Lekhoksongho Sammanona 2014 DCL Literary Award 2015 Banglar Kabita O Sahitta Forum Award 2015 Syed Ali Ahsan Award 2017 Rock Pebbles International Literary Award 2017 Bhuvaneswar, India Desoj Literary Award 2018 Bhasa Smarok 2018 Uttar Kolkata Bangla Bhasa Chorchakendra, Kolkata-700 009. Madhusudan Academy Award 2021 Parichoi Literary Award 2022 Kabichattor Sammanona 2024)

The Best Poem Of Sayeed Abubakar

A Strange Boy

An innocent boy leaving the lap of mom
Opened his fearful eyes in the war-trodden world
And asked in a depressed voice, 'Where have I come? '
I told him the name of earth.

The boy looked at the corners of earth
And with wonder and pain, seeing the towns and paths
Full of corpses and heart-rending bloods,
Further asked,
'Will you tell me how man lives in this hell? '

I said to him, 'Oh, it's a shame!
Where is man in this hell? '

Translated from Bengali by Nazib Wadood


Un niño extraño

Un niño inocente saliendo del regazo de mama
Abrió sus temeroso ojos en el mundo pisoteado por la guerra,
Y dijo con voz deprimente, '¿De dónde vengo? '

Le dije el nombre de la tierra.

El niño miró en los rincones de la tierra
Y con asombro y dolor, viendo las ciudades y caminos
Llenosde cadáveres y sangrientos corazones desgarrados
Ademas dijo,
'Dime cómo el hombre vive en este infierno.

Yo le dije, 'Oh, es una pena!
¿Dónde estás viendo hombre en este infierno? '

Traducido por Alma Lorena Lopez Velazquez


Странный ребёнок - Сайед Абубакар

Невинное дитя, слезая с коленей мамы,
Открыл в страхе глаза в мир, охваченный войной,
И спросил боязливо: «Откуда я взялся? »
Я сказала, что это земля.

Малыш осмотрелся вокруг земли
И с удивлением и горечью, видя города и тропы
Полные трупов и кровоточащих сердец,
Спросил ещё:
«Скажи, как живут люди в этом аду? »

Я сказала ему: «Мне очень жаль!
Где ты увидел людей в этом аду? »

Перевёл Валентин Савин
Translated by Valentin Savin






(苏菲Sophy Chen汉译英 2016-01-25 )


ଆଶ୍ଚର୍ଯ୍ୟ ବାଳକ

ମାତୃ କୋଳ ଛାଡି ଭୀତସ୍ତତ୍ର ନୟନେ
ଚାହେଁ ନିରୀହ ବାଳକ
ଦେଖି ଯୁଦ୍ଧଗ୍ରସ୍ଥ ଧରାକୁ
ପଚାରେ ସେ ହୋଇ ଭୀତକଣ୍ଠ
କୁହ ମାତା, କେଉଁଠାକୁ ମୁଁ ଆସିଛି?
ଉତ୍ତରରେ ମୁଁ କହେ
ଆସିଛୁ ତୁ ପୁତ୍ର ଏଇ ଧରାପୃଷ୍ଠକୁ |
ଦୃଷ୍ଟି ହାଣି ଚତୁଃର୍ଦିଗେ
ଦେଖେ ସେଇ ନିରୀହ ବାଳକ
ରାସ୍ତା ଘାଟ, ଗଳି ଓ ଅର୍ଗଳୀ
ଲାଲ ରକ୍ତରେ ରଞ୍ଜିତ
କୁଢ଼ କୁଢ଼ ଶବର
ହୃଦୟ ବିଦାରକ ଦୃଶ୍ୟପଟ
ନିରୀହ ବାଳକ, କରେ ପ୍ରଶ୍ନ
କୁହ ମାତ, ଏଇ ନର୍କରେ
ମଣିଷ କିପରି କରେ ବାସ?
ପ୍ରତ୍ୟୁତ୍ତରେ କହେ ମୁଁ
ଲଜ୍ଜା ଲାଗେ ମୋତେ
କି କହିବିରେ ଧନ
ମଣିଷଟେ କାହିଁ ଏଠି, ଏ ଯେ

Translated by Bharati Nayak

Original Poem in Bengali:

আশ্চর্য বালক
সায়ীদ আবুবকর

জননীর কোল ছেড়ে যুদ্ধপোড়া পৃথিবীতে মেলে ত্রস্ত চোখ
নিষ্কলুষ একটি বালক
বললো বিষণ্ণ স্বরে, ‘বলো হে, এ আমি কোথায় এলাম? '
আমি তাকে শোনালাম পৃথিবীর নাম।

বিস্মিত বালক পৃথিবীর আনাচে কানাচে তাকালো করুণ,
এবং ভয়ংকর দেখে দেখে লাশের শহর, পথভরা মর্মন্তুদ খুন
পুনরায় বললো আমাকে,
‘কী করে মানুষ বলো এ নরকে থাকে? '

আমি তাকে বললাম, ‘হায়,
এ নরকে মানুষ কোথায়? '

[প্রণয়ের প্রথম পাপ, ১৯৯৬]

Sayeed Abubakar Comments

Nazib Wadood 02 October 2012

I love Sayeed Abubakar's poem, because his poems touch my heart, stir my conscience. I am proud having been a translator of one of his poems.

17 11 Reply
Fabrizio Frosini 17 December 2015

after the murdering of so many innocent people in Paris, on November 13th,2015, a publishing project came about... I gave it the title: ‘POETRY AGAINST TERROR’, as a tribute to the countless victims of terror, worldwide. I invited many poets, whom poetry can be read at PoemHunter, to join me, so to write an ebook together. The book, which is an anthology of poetry, is a compilation of poems written by 64 poets from 42 different countries from all over the world. THEIR NAMES, in alphabetical order: ________________________ Sayeed Abubakar, Bangladesh Alexandro Acevedo Johns, Chile Saadat Tahir Ali, Pakistan (KSA) Paul Amrod, USA (Germany) Leah Ayliffe, Canada Khaoula Basty, Tunisia Lawrence Beck, USA Daniel J. Brick, USA Sophy Chen, China Terence George Craddock, New Zealand Sahra Hussein Dahir, Somalia Driss Ezzireg, Morocco Geoffrey Fafard, Australia Weiyao Feng, China Grant Fraser, UK Fabrizio Frosini, Italy Negar Gorji, Iran Bright Kwamina Grantson, Ghana Dilantha Gunawardana, Sri Lanka Nosheen Irfan, Pakistan Galina Italyanskaya, Russia Afrooz Jafarinoor, Iran Farzad Jahanbani, Iran Vincent Chizoba John, Nigeria Kinyua Karanja, Kenya Sofia Kioroglou, Greece Varghese Kuncheria, India (Oman) Kelly Kurt, USA Lionel Lerch aka Cocteau Mot Lotov, France Birgit Linder, Germany (HK) Tapera Makadho, Zimbabwe Kenneth Maswabi, Botswana Denzel Mbatha, South Africa Mallika Menon, India Leloudia Migdali, Greece Asoke Kumar Mitra, India Zoran Mitrović (Neran Sati) , Croatia Istvan Molnar, Sweden Souren Mondal, India Anitah Muwanguzi, Uganda Bharati Nayak, India Valsa George Nedumthallil, India Srijana Neupane (KC) , Nepal Eunice Barbara Novio, Philippines (Thailand) Fatima Obaid, Pakistan Marcondes Pereira, Brazil Sajee Rayaroth, Australia Marianne Larsen Reninger, USA Terry Robinson (HE George) , UK Rizwan Saleem, Pakistan (UAE) Leila Samarrai, Serbia Kirti Sharma, India Anzylyne Shideshe, Kenya (Germany) Osiel Silverino da Silva, Brazil Pamela Sinicrope, USA Petra Soliman, Egypt (GCC) Douglas Stewart, USA Udaya R. Tennakoon, Sri Lanka (Switzerland) Richard Thézé, UK (Germany) Savita Tyagi, USA Mai Venn, Ireland Niken Kusuma Wardani, Indonesia Snir Yacoby, Israel Asma Zenjali, Morocco __________________ I wish, here, to say ''thank you'' to each of them. And also to the poet-friends in the editorial board with me: Daniel Brick, Pamela Sinicrope, Richard Thézé. Daniel and Pam, together with Leila Samarrai and Valsa George Nedumthallil, wrote a commentary to each and every poem. Our ebook will be published first at Amazon, on December 20. Then at (at the end of March 2016) where everybody will be able to download the book free

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Selim Reza 11 January 2013

This poet is a love poet and at the same time a revel poet also.we see in his many poems he has shown us how we can bring out revolution to create a new world that is out of poverty, corruption and anxity.he is an honest and international figure.his acute weapon is his soft smile and generosity.he is my dear Sir and poet.

15 8 Reply
Selim Reza 23 January 2013

Sir i think myself proud to be a direct student of you. I am very fortunate cause i have become able to be your affectioned. I become glad thinking that i will be able to write something about you in your absence from far in the future.we like your life style cause it is full of honesty and simplicity.

15 7 Reply
Angel Lockwood 06 November 2012

If I forget you, romantic A heart touching poem Great!

12 10 Reply
Unnikrishnan E S 09 January 2022

Congratulations on the high ranking you have achieved

1 0 Reply
Sylvia Frances Chan 09 January 2022

I take the opportunity to tell you that you are ranking today as number #68 on Top 500 Poets. My sincere CONGRATULATIONS for this fact. Best regards, Sylvia Frances Chan, Dutch poetess

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pb 17 November 2021

This poets love poem is very short and unless I am missing something very bad and lacks emotion and depth.

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Chowdhury Shamsul Arefin 24 October 2020

I m big fan of sayeed abubakar..

5 0 Reply
Kumarmani Mahakul 24 October 2020

We take the golden opportunity to greet and congratulate great poet Sayeed Abubakar for achieving rare and higher rank #48 on top 500 poets of the world on date 24 October 2020, Saturday, as per the information of the World Poetry Database, page number -1. as published in Poem Hunter Home Page. May God bring unlimited happiness and fortune for him and his family.

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Sayeed Abubakar Quotes

Birds have no country, Fishes no country. Rivers count no Army, no Border. Showing thumbs to all raising guns and mighty kings, the rivers move running, tearing all barbed wires of the Border. O Man, where have you got the Border and the border-guards?

You say that you love Man. But when the poor come at your door, You turn your face aside. You say you love revolution. But when revolution calls you, You fall asleep.

An innocent boy leaving the lap of mom opened his fearful eyes in the war-trodden world, and asked in a depressed voice, 'Where have I come? ' I told him the name of the earth. The boy looked at the corners of the earth and with wonder and pain, seeing the towns and paths full of corpses and heart-rending bloods he further said, 'Tell me how man lives in this hell.' I said to him, 'Oh, it's a shame! Where is man in this hell? '

When people detest war and death like a dead rotten rat that spreads intolerable bad smell which way a mad dog detests water for its hydrophobia, - that habitation then can be called a country of worthless people where the sun should not rise ever, it should not rain and crops should not grow in the fields.

Toiletries are not necessary for your beauty, silk-sari and gold ornaments are not necessary; o flower, which dress you stay in, your beauty speaks penetrating each cell of your whole body.

I can't help offering a basket of snail-kisses when a woman like a duck stretches her lips wet with sunlight. When a woman stretches her love-lorn hands, o Yusuf, I can't refuse her like an impotent male.

You and me me and you flower-bee grass and dew.

A rose has bloomed so far, I get smell, can't see her. A rose has bloomed so high, Nose gets smell, can't see Eye. Daylight comes, daylight goes; Sleepless I love the rose.

They are men too like us. They have the right to live. They need love very much; It's our duty to give.

Here darkness is brighter than light. Here wrong is preferable to right. Here love is hated, hatred is admired. Here people are now tired Of religion, truth and justice. Here is no peace.

'Why does there lie sorrow and gloom on thy face? ' 'Because I have to bloom' the bud says. Yet the bud blooms, then begins to die, like dewdrops falling down on tombs says, 'Goodbye.'

What is my fault, tell me- why did you get so lucrative like the alluring grapes? Why did you get so irresistibly delicious like the colorful mangoes ripe to the core? Why did you start- by smearing the fire of beauty on lips and cheeks- heating, as the oven, the fry-pan of my youth and baking the bread of heart so severely? For your sake, I ventured to disobey the Lord of darkness and light; yet how strangely you rejected me by calling me heartless! For your sake, I rudely invented the festival of killing on earth; still how surprisingly you flung me into the dustbin of despair! Oh Aclima, is love then a sin? Is love a fruit of the forbidden tree?

Every love has its sound; It creates and it breaks. A foil stands like gray hound Against it and tragedy makes. But don't worry, a dove sings sweet and cares no gun; What lasts on earth but love? It removes darkness like the Sun. With heaven it is bound, To reach God is its goal; Every love has its sound; it's the sound of winning a soul.

Poets are the last saviors of the mankind; they raise voice fearlessly against any injustice and oppression political, religious, racial, national and international; they sing the songs of love, welfare, equality and beauty.

Those who dare not say truth truth, lie lie, injustice injustice are cowards.

There is no Jesus more who will absorb All the sins into his cross; There is no Gautama more who will play Day and night the flute of wisdom Sitting under the shade of the Bodhi Tree; There is no Krishna more who will pour down The cloud of love into Radha's thirsty eyes; There is no Mohammad more who will rush To save you from the clutch of hungry Fire.

Sayeed Abubakar Popularity

Sayeed Abubakar Popularity

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