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Sayeed Abubakar, a modern epic-poet of Bengali language, was born on September 21,1972 in Jashore, Bangladesh. He is regarded as the major poet of 90th decade's modern Bangla poetry. His father was Nur Mohammad Biswas and mother Amena Khatun. He obtained Honours and Masters degree in English from Rajshahi University. He married Alimun Nahar Fatema ...

Sayeed Abubakar Poems

A Strange Boy

An innocent boy leaving the lap of mother
Opened his fearful eyes in the war-trodden world
And asked in a depressed voice, 'Where have I come? '
I told him the name of the earth.

A Love Poem

Forget Me Not

Forget me not,
Forget not me.
Forget day hot,
Keep night with thee.


How many poems you have written, o Tagore!
How many poems, o Jibananando Das!
How many immortal pictures you have drawn, o Joinul!
How many songs you have composed, o Nazrul!

A Rose

A rose has
bloomed so far,
I get smell,
can't see her.

Sayeed Abubakar Quotes

18 December 2014

There is no Jesus more who will absorb All the sins into his cross; There is no Gautama more who will play Day and night the flute of wisdom Sitting under the shade of the Bodhi Tree; There is no Krishna more who will pour down The cloud of love into Radha's thirsty eyes; There is no Mohammad more who will rush To save you from the clutch of hungry Fire. O Man, O Horse, O Bull, Remember, there is no prophet more; Remember, except a love-lorn poet, There is no savior more.

18 December 2014

Birds have no country, Fishes no country. Rivers count no Army, no Border. Showing thumbs to all raising guns and mighty kings, the rivers move running, tearing all barbed wires of the Border. O Man, where have you got the Border and the border-guards?

18 December 2014

You say that you love Man. But when the poor come at your door, You turn your face aside. You say you love revolution. But when revolution calls you, You fall asleep.

18 December 2014

An innocent boy leaving the lap of mom opened his fearful eyes in the war-trodden world, and asked in a depressed voice, 'Where have I come? ' I told him the name of the earth. The boy looked at the corners of the earth and with wonder and pain, seeing the towns and paths full of corpses and heart-rending bloods he further said, 'Tell me how man lives in this hell.' I said to him, 'Oh, it's a shame! Where is man in this hell? '

23 December 2014

When people detest war and death like a dead rotten rat that spreads intolerable bad smell which way a mad dog detests water for its hydrophobia, - that habitation then can be called a country of worthless people where the sun should not rise ever, it should not rain and crops should not grow in the fields.

Sayeed Abubakar Comments

Nazib Wadood 02 October 2012

I love Sayeed Abubakar's poem, because his poems touch my heart, stir my conscience. I am proud having been a translator of one of his poems.

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Selim Reza 11 January 2013

This poet is a love poet and at the same time a revel poet also.we see in his many poems he has shown us how we can bring out revolution to create a new world that is out of poverty, corruption and anxity.he is an honest and international figure.his acute weapon is his soft smile and generosity.he is my dear Sir and poet.

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Fabrizio Frosini 17 December 2015

after the murdering of so many innocent people in Paris, on November 13th,2015, a publishing project came about... I gave it the title: ‘POETRY AGAINST TERROR’, as a tribute to the countless victims of terror, worldwide. I invited many poets, whom poetry can be read at PoemHunter, to join me, so to write an ebook together. The book, which is an anthology of poetry, is a compilation of poems written by 64 poets from 42 different countries from all over the world. THEIR NAMES, in alphabetical order: ________________________ Sayeed Abubakar, Bangladesh Alexandro Acevedo Johns, Chile Saadat Tahir Ali, Pakistan (KSA) Paul Amrod, USA (Germany) Leah Ayliffe, Canada Khaoula Basty, Tunisia Lawrence Beck, USA Daniel J. Brick, USA Sophy Chen, China Terence George Craddock, New Zealand Sahra Hussein Dahir, Somalia Driss Ezzireg, Morocco Geoffrey Fafard, Australia Weiyao Feng, China Grant Fraser, UK Fabrizio Frosini, Italy Negar Gorji, Iran Bright Kwamina Grantson, Ghana Dilantha Gunawardana, Sri Lanka Nosheen Irfan, Pakistan Galina Italyanskaya, Russia Afrooz Jafarinoor, Iran Farzad Jahanbani, Iran Vincent Chizoba John, Nigeria Kinyua Karanja, Kenya Sofia Kioroglou, Greece Varghese Kuncheria, India (Oman) Kelly Kurt, USA Lionel Lerch aka Cocteau Mot Lotov, France Birgit Linder, Germany (HK) Tapera Makadho, Zimbabwe Kenneth Maswabi, Botswana Denzel Mbatha, South Africa Mallika Menon, India Leloudia Migdali, Greece Asoke Kumar Mitra, India Zoran Mitrovic (Neran Sati) , Croatia Istvan Molnar, Sweden Souren Mondal, India Anitah Muwanguzi, Uganda Bharati Nayak, India Valsa George Nedumthallil, India Srijana Neupane (KC) , Nepal Eunice Barbara Novio, Philippines (Thailand) Fatima Obaid, Pakistan Marcondes Pereira, Brazil Sajee Rayaroth, Australia Marianne Larsen Reninger, USA Terry Robinson (HE George) , UK Rizwan Saleem, Pakistan (UAE) Leila Samarrai, Serbia Kirti Sharma, India Anzylyne Shideshe, Kenya (Germany) Osiel Silverino da Silva, Brazil Pamela Sinicrope, USA Petra Soliman, Egypt (GCC) Douglas Stewart, USA Udaya R. Tennakoon, Sri Lanka (Switzerland) Richard Thézé, UK (Germany) Savita Tyagi, USA Mai Venn, Ireland Niken Kusuma Wardani, Indonesia Snir Yacoby, Israel Asma Zenjali, Morocco __________________ I wish, here, to say ''thank you'' to each of them. And also to the poet-friends in the editorial board with me: Daniel Brick, Pamela Sinicrope, Richard Thézé. Daniel and Pam, together with Leila Samarrai and Valsa George Nedumthallil, wrote a commentary to each and every poem. Our ebook will be published first at Amazon, on December 20. Then at (at the end of March 2016) where everybody will be able to download the book free

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Angel Lockwood 06 November 2012

If I forget you, romantic A heart touching poem Great!

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Selim Reza 23 January 2013

Sir i think myself proud to be a direct student of you. I am very fortunate cause i have become able to be your affectioned. I become glad thinking that i will be able to write something about you in your absence from far in the future.we like your life style cause it is full of honesty and simplicity.

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Chowdhury Shamsul Arefin 24 October 2020

I m big fan of sayeed abubakar..

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Kumarmani Mahakul 24 October 2020

We take the golden opportunity to greet and congratulate great poet Sayeed Abubakar for achieving rare and higher rank #48 on top 500 poets of the world on date 24 October 2020, Saturday, as per the information of the World Poetry Database, page number -1. as published in Poem Hunter Home Page. May God bring unlimited happiness and fortune for him and his family.

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saifullah dulal 06 August 2019

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Sayeed Abubakar 08 February 2019

Thank you, dear poet Mahbub Banalee. My blessings and love to you and to all the young poets of Bangla language.

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