Veteran Poet - 1,139 Points (11/07/1975 / Natonin, Mountain Province, Philippines)


1. A Tribute To A Leader 6/1/2009
2. A 100 Claps 3/25/2008
3. A Bit Of Insanity 6/11/2010
4. A Breath Without A Life 10/13/2008
5. A Burning Mountain 3/16/2008
6. A Call For Fellow Filipinos 8/31/2016
7. A Candle For You Dad 1/13/2010
8. A Child 3/13/2008
9. A Child's Prayer 3/3/2008
10. A Christmas I Wish 11/19/2008
11. A Decad Of Missing You Dad 4/3/2017
12. A Gift On My B-Day Today 11/6/2008
13. A Gift To All Lovers On Valentine's Day 2/18/2008
14. A Gift To My Love 11/21/2008
15. A Gift To My My Melvon Neil 10/3/2008
16. A Good Lawyer's Creed 2/29/2012
17. A Journey To Remember (Field Trip To Sta. Ana, Cagayan) 7/6/2009
18. A Love Of My Past 11/25/2008
19. A Love Song For You 5/8/2008
20. A Love That Endures 10/26/2008
21. A Love Went Wrong 3/10/2008
22. A Lover's Prayer 3/28/2008
23. A Lover's Wish 3/24/2008
24. A New Year To Hurdle 1/5/2009
25. A Poem For A Day 4/25/2008
26. A Poem For Marj Reyes 9/11/2007
27. A Poet's Dream 5/28/2008
28. A Poet's Mission 10/24/2007
29. A Prayer For My Mother 7/23/2016
30. A Prayer's Prayer 5/22/2008
31. A Red Rose Scent 11/12/2007
32. A Servant's Prayer 6/10/2008
33. A Sex With And Without Love 9/14/2009
34. A Soldier's Prayer 7/7/2009
35. A Teacher's Prayer 11/27/2007
36. A Traveler's Prayer 12/13/2007
37. A Valentine's Dance 2/17/2011
38. A Valentine's Gone 2/6/2009
39. A Wish On All Soul's Day 11/3/2008
40. Accounting Of Love 6/26/2008

I Am A Filipino

Melvin Banggollay

I am a Filipino, in blood and spirit
born from immortal seeds of heroes
Whose heart were willing to commit
their lives to fight any kind of foes
even those that has the power to spit
the nation of my birth with volcanoes
of fire and balls of cannon that can split
thy land unto tiny dusts to unseen echoes.

I am a Filipino, proud of my humble roots
of a gentle loving and valiant Malayan spirit
land been conquered but never surrendered
the culture of its birth and ancestor's merit
of great love for country...

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Poet Never Dies


Poets of all walks of life the world had seen
May rest their laurels to end their own being
but their spirit through their works will remain
Touching, reminding, loving and inspiring.

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