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Freedom is what you all seek

And freedom will you have

We are Light keepers

No lack of courage and love

Illness everywhere

Humans crying in the dark

Oh, such tenderness

Within the human spirit

Faith renews
Faith restores
Faith opens the doorway to one's heart
And one's freedom from fear

Joy arrives

Joy dances and swirls


Handicapped, retarded fools

Many have died

Many more will die

When all has been said and done for this lifetime.

And we bathe in the Light of creation on the other side.

Seeking who I am

A detour away from Self

Tennessee greets me

Driving to the family homestead

The world of magic

Is a detour from real Love

Accept life as it is

These are the ways of the world

Never feel broken

That is a way towards freedom

You have been deceived

You will be deceived again

Men will try you

Some unjustly

The Third Way

Not of my way

Sadness And Gladness

That which fuels humanity

As we become sick

The remedy will arrive

Since last year much has changed

Some say,for the worse

Michael Hopkins Biography

I am now retired and continue to write poetry and other inspirational writings for as long as the inspiration continues to flow through me.)

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The Eternal Dance - A Poem By M.N. Hopkins

Freedom is what you all seek

And freedom will you have

One day in time

Freedom is the sweet fruit

The harvest time

Countless centuries have passed

Many have sacrificed

Not in vain

Never in vain


All acts are recorded

In the book of time

All deeds

All misdeeds

All occurances

All done for a reason



In reason and love

All add to the collective

All wait patiently

Upon the branches


The tree of life

Waiting patiently

Until thr day of harvest

That time is different

From orchard to orchard

Branch to branch

When the time arrives

The sweet fruit is harvested

Countless centuries of hard work


Toil in

Before the coming of this day

No one knowing the exact time

Of harvest

All knowing


That that day will surely arrive

The sweet fruit nourished


Sun and water

A seed planted so long ago

That only a few remember

A seed of hope

A seed of love

A seed of longing and expectation

A seed that grew

A seed that flourished

A seed that held within itself

The hopes and dreams


Countless human beings


Comes the day of harvest

All can taste the sweetness

All can benefit from the nutrients

All can enjoy

The moment of completion

Each in their own time

Each in their own way

Each fulfilling their role

Each ending their toils

Each moving on to market

To share the fruit

With all of this Earth

All whom long for the sweetness

All whom will long no more

Complete in the knowing

That their work here is over

Each celebrating with their fellows

The harvest dance

A dance that will

Take us to the stars

A circular dance

That will complete this cycle

Within the Earth dance

We dance


We can dance no more

Then rest



Eat of the sweet fruit

Save the seeds


Hand them over

To the next generation

So that

They may grow their own trees

With fruit to their own liking

Work, toil, harvest

Finally to dance

Their dance of creation

Circles within circles

Dances within dances

Celebrations within celebrations

Creation continues

Circular and unending

Beginning to end

End to beginning

Being to being

The eternal dance

© 2016 M.N. Hopkins

Michael Hopkins Comments

Michael Hopkins Quotes

Enjoy the journey, miss not the beauty around and the joy of discovery. Keep joy close at hand and all dangers will disappear as you approach them along the way. M.N. Hopkins

You will all awaken from this dream and come into a world of beauty beyond imagination. M.N. Hopkins

There is one way and this is the way of love. Love of Man and love of God. Both are interwoven or interconnected. For the gift of love is given freely to be given freely to those in need. M.N. Hopkins

Free your minds from this concentration upon the pains and sufferings of your past and direct your thoughts upon a future that is free from this pain of your own personal making. © M.N. Hopkins

Know that Love arrives as the darkness flees it's brilliance.

See to the future not just for yourself but for all Mankind. Share these words and think not on dark thoughts but envison a world of joyous living. A world of clean air, clean food and healthy strong bodies that see to themselves for healing. © M.N. Hopkins

To be truly human, one must be truly Divine. To be truly Divine, one must be truly human. Balance is the key. © M.N. Hopkins

What is chaos? Nothing more than a plea, an offer and an opportunity for ordering one's life and/or one's world. © 2018 M.N. Hopkins

Change can happen in the blink of an eye and Mankind can again arise from the darkness into the light of love and reason. © 2018 M.N. Hopkins

Feel the calmness and certainty of Self-assuredness and know that Heaven as well as Earth are now your allies. © M.N. Hopkins

To be truly human, one must be truly Divine. To be truly Divine, one must be truly human. Balance is the key. © 2018 M.N. Hopkins

Forgiveness of yourself is the key that unlocks the prison that you have made around your heart. Once free, you are then able to forgive and to love others. © 2018 M.N. Hopkins

Deep down hidden in all of us is a well spring of great joy, just waiting to be discovered and brought to the surface. © M.N. Hopkins

Nourish not only your own soul, but be a nourishment of light to all whom you come into contact with. Never forget that the gift of Light is to be shared with others. © M. N. Hopkins

Live the life of one who can see the darkness and see and feel the pain, yet is not influenced or poisoned by it. © M.N. Hopkins

You are to teach others to not fear their own natural talents and to dare to live in a way that uplifts and heals not only themselves, but all whom they touch with their light. © M.N. Hopkins

Only humanity can augment humanity. AI can never and will never be up to the task. © 2018 M.N. Hopkins

Creative intelligence is something quite different from a false image created to look intelligent. © 2018 M.N. Hopkins

Now, you will see clearly with the heart. For through the heart way lies the greatest happiness while living one's life as a human being. It is the heart way that seeks a better way for all inhabitants of the human community. It is the heart way that balances and brings the peace and certainty of Spirit into one's being. The heart way bridges the gap between Heaven and Earth and allows one to enter into realms of unlimited potential. For through the heart one can again know that one is neither apart from or separate from the Whole. One becomes the heart of a Larger Heart, which beats with the rhythm of the One Heart, which is the Essence of All of Life. © M.N. Hopkins

Those of us who often consider ourselves enlightened often say without thinking, 'We have yet to evolve to a higher state of consciousness.' After, the gathering of my own thoughts on this subject, I came to the realization that in reality, we have de-evolved from a higher state of consciousness and awareness to our current state. Then in order to reach a higher state of enlightenment or consciousness all that is necessary is for us to simply, remember what we truly are and from where we came from. © 2018 M.N. Hopkins

'Integration of human and Soul is the key to a conscious and fulfilling life.' © 2018 M.N. Hopkins

Seek first yourSelf, then seek to join self with Self to bridge the gap between Heaven and Earth. Be not distracted by those of dull or ill perception. Never forget the goal which is union with one's Divinity. Once the reunion occurs, then one has access to the wisdom and knowledge that was before unknown. Seek this union through prayer and meditation and events will unfold that will lead one to the activities that will enhance one's ability to be in Spirit, yet at the same time firmly established in one's human body. © M.N. Hopkins

An ideal is a vision of tomorrow which has not yet been put into place. It has yet to be formed into your physical reality. The structure has not yet been formed, so to live within this ideal is not yet possible and to attempt such will only cause great conflicts or upset within the personality structure. © M.N. Hopkins

Art cannot measure up to the beauty of the Creator. Neither human hand, canvas and brush nor photography can truly capture the beauty of Mother Earth. © 2019 M.N. Hopkins

'See to the future not just for yourself but for all Mankind. Share these words and think not on dark thoughts but envision a world of joyous living. A world of clean air, clean food and healthy strong bodies that see to themselves for healing.  © M.N. Hopkins

Yes, Love, the great uniter. Not fear induced behaviours, but the actions of those of great faith and love who can see beyond appearances to the Heart of All Matter. © M.N. Hopkins

Life is a series of choices we make that determine how we will spend our life energy and on what. © M.N. Hopkins

Never forget that the gift of Light is to be shared with others. © M. N. Hopkins

We wish all a clarity of sight and feeling, so as to know what speaks of truth and what speaks of falsehood. We wish all a calmness and a certainty of being that can only be expressed when one is living in an honest, truthful manner. We wish all a happiness and a joy in living that is now even rarer than the most rare of precious jewels. We wish all freedom from fear and fear from their ego tyrants. We wish all a light-heartedness that brings with it a great power, a great wisdom, and a calm confidence that all will go well in one's life and in the lives of those around them. © M.N. Hopkins

A strong and healthy heart is open to all possibilities and harbors no limitations that can be found within the human mind. The heart that is open waits upon the Grace of God which is the greatest redeemer and healer of all that ails Mankind. © M.N. Hopkins

We can say many things, but we choose to say to all who will listen. All can be healed through Love. © M.N. Hopkins

We will say to be not afraid and be as who you are. That will be your greatest strength. © M.N. Hopkins

For Man must learn to co-operate and care for each other or all life on your planet will surely perish in time. Man refuses to look for new ways of being in his world, but rather clings to the old ideas and beliefs, which no longer have the power necessary to hold or bind together Man's communities. © M.N. Hopkins

Be a light in the darkness of the human heart. Illuminate and reflect all that is good in the human spirit. Bring God to the human heart, so that hearts can be transformed. The love of God and human love combined in the same heart. THE WAY OF FUTURE GENERATIONS. © M.N. Hopkins

We say to all who will listen, 'Be brave and use your gifts of discernment and clear seeing to know who speaks of falsehood and who comes to you to speak in words of truth.' © M.N. Hopkins

For, the healer is only he or she who shows one the possibility that good health exists and is 100 % sure that the body, emotions, or mind can be again returned to a state of Grace, or good health. © M.N. Hopkins

A few dare and a few make it out of their prisons due to their inherent strength of will that has never been broken by those of dark determination. More will awaken and revive their strength and good sense as they reconnect to Self. © M.N. Hopkins

If you have no borders within yourself, you will end up mentally and emotionally ill. If a Nation has no borders, you can expect a mentally and emotionally ill population over time. So, if you follow the agendas of the United Nitwits, you will eventually end up living in a mental and emotionally ill world. © M.N. Hopkins

Reconnect to Spirit in a way that detaches you, yet at the same time immerses you more within your world of Man. For, as more Light enters your realm, so will more feelings of uncomfortableness. For, the truth of the current means of living will be fully revealed and Mankind will be forced to choose between that which gives the human organism the best hope of survival into the future or that which will and has led Mankind down this road of destruction for so many centuries. © M.N. Hopkins

Grace is a gift to be shared with those who willingly wish this gift to be bestowed upon them. We think of Grace as a Beautiful Being that seeks to share her wealth with others. It is in Grace that all sins are healed and all wrong doings forgiven. © M.N. Hopkins

Forget not your obligation to the future. Your obligation to give direction to those yet to come. © M.N. Hopkins

Oh, how we suffer useful idiots and fools. © 2019 M.N. Hopkins

Now is a time of great revelation and great transformation. Be as a rock and also as a feather. Go and teach the way of love and the healing power of the light. © M.N. Hopkins

Be bold and fear not. Arise and feel again yourSelf and reconnect to Heaven and Earth. See the beauty that abounds and transform back to your original intentions that directed all before this age of darkness came to be. © M.N. Hopkins

It is in the giving that one again gains that which has been not lost, but only forgotten. Be kind and develop in patience. © M.N. Hopkins

For the healing to be a lasting one, it necessitates a firm decision and great willingness of the one to be healed to change his or her lifestyle and release a lot of old habits and fears. Once these are released, there is space for the Divine healing energy to enter and fill the place where there once was darkness. © M.N. Hopkins

Love transcends all faults, evils, misunderstandings. Love is the greatest healer. Love and love alone can transform and save mankind from its impending disasters. Love lowers one to a human level, but raises one to the level of God simultaneously. © M.N. Hopkins

All comes in time to the seeker. Love blossoms now. The sweet fragrance emerges. Be patent and follow your hearts dream. The heart lights the way now. The mind will follow the path laid out by the hearts light. © M.N. Hopkins

Christ lived in the Now and great healings occurred. © M.N. Hopkins

One of the greatest crimes in our current societies is the misguided emphasis put upon youth. Youth is nothing more than a stage of growth toward a mature adulthood, that will further lead to a wise and knowledgeable population of Elders. © M.N. Hopkins

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Michael Hopkins Popularity

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