Joy Arrives Poem by Michael Hopkins

Joy Arrives

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Joy arrives

Joy dances and swirls

Joy given freely to those whom will accept this gift

The joy of living ones' life within the realm of freedom

A childs' joy untampered with and left to be experienced honestly

Yes, an honest joy

Free of hinderences

Free of doctrines

Free of definitions

Free to be expressed and experienced by all willing

Yes, joy born in freedom

Joy born in love

Joy given and taken freely

A joy that comes to visit

A joy that arrives to you this day, this moment

A joy to be shared

A joy in living and a living paid in the currency of joy

Be joyful this day

Be joyful this moment

Come to the joy of this moment

Arrive and depart in joy

Let joy make a home within your heart.

Allow joy this day


Now, have we joy

This is a poenm that I hope brings joy to the reader. Can to me in an inspirational moment.
Rob Lamberton 06 February 2023

I had joy in visiting this poem! Added to my favorites.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 21 November 2021

A beautiful poem..... delightful expression! Loved it

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Dominic Windram 14 September 2019

This poem is so inspiring and uplifting! I particularly like the lines, ' Yes an honest joy/ Free of hindrances/ Free of doctrines/ Free of definitions.' I think that your poem is an exemplary example of anaphora with the repetition of 'joy' and 'freedom' throughout Michael..great stuff!

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Michael Hopkins 14 September 2019

This one I wrote in almost a half trance state of mind. When that happens, the words flow like a raging river and it is effortless to compose a poem.

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Khairul Ahsan 31 May 2018

A poem of joy! Joy to read, Joy to think about and a joy to quote. My favorite line: 'Let joy make a home within your heart.'

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Michael Hopkins 14 September 2019

Indeed, let joy be your home KA.

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Edward Kofi Louis 15 July 2017

Let joy make a home! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Michael Hopkins

Michael Hopkins

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